June 1, 2023

Today, Governor Joe Lombardo signed the K-12 Education Funding Bill, in addition to AB 330, which is Governor Lombardo’s Safer and Supportive Schools Act, and AB 285, Assemblywoman Angie Taylor’s school safety legislation.

All he had to do was pay off the Dems and their unions with $2 billion to get them to support moderate reforms allowing violent students to be removed from schools. I don’t blame Lombardo one bit. Dems are one vote away from a supermajority in the State Legislature, so he did what he had to do. Elections have consequences. Republicans need to start taking Assembly races seriously and stop supporting anyone with an R next to their name and a pulse.

Last year, there were over 6,800 violent incidents reported at Clark County School District (CCSD) schools within a 7-month period. Over 90% of CCSD schools reported at least one violent incident in the last year, and since 2018, there has been a 46% increase in violence and sexual assaults reported within the school district. In Washoe County, there have been over 7,400 violent incidents reported within the Washoe County School District this year alone.

The last straw was after Eldorado High School student Jonathan Eluterio Martinez was charged as an adult for raping and strangling a teacher. Lombardo promised to secure our public schools and end Sisolak’s restorative justice agenda. Even libtard Superintendent Jara finally saw the light and supported Lombardo’s reforms.

Three months ago, Republican Governor Joe Lombardo kept his promise to reduce school violence when he introduced Bill AB330, The Safer and Supportive Schools Act. Lombardo made the announcement surrounded by the group Dads in Schools. Superintendent Jara was there as well.

Lombardo made it clear that his policy will be “zero tolerance for school violence”.

AB330 States replace restorative justice with restorative discipline.

AN ACT relating to education; requiring a suspension or expulsion in a charter school or a university school for profoundly gifted pupils to be consistent with such punishments in certain public schools; requiring a plan for restorative discipline for public schools

Today Governor Joe Lombardo announced:

“I’m honored to sign such historic education legislation this evening. Since day one, my administration has been committed to delivering serious school safety reforms and an education budget that empowers Nevada schools, teachers, and students to succeed. I look forward to continuing to deliver on my administration’s top education priorities in the coming days.”

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