June 5, 2023

SB 302 is just another battle in Dems’ war on parental rights. Dems have made it their mission to rip kids away from their parents through the law. From school boards banning parents who speak out, to protecting adults who help minors get abortions without parental consent, to secretly teaching trans ideology to young kids in public schools, Dems continue to wage war on parents.

Republican Joe Lombardo vetoed Senate Bill SB302. SD 302 would have made Nevada a sanctuary state for hack doctors who perform sex change surgeries on minors without parental consent who have been charged in another state with a crime. The Dems’ goal was to create a sex change tourism industry here in Nevada. But our Republican governor blocked it.

Hide your kids from this creep.

Dr. Terence McAllister, vice president of the Nevada Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

We need to ensure that Nevada’s health care providers can continue to follow evidence-based guidelines and provide the best care to their patients, regardless of where those patients come from.

I’m a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and our organization, just like all major medical associations in the country, endorses gender-affirming care as a safe and effective way for physicians to help transgender young people improve their mental health and well-being. For children, this means providing social support like a new haircut or clothes, and for adolescents this can include medicines that help regulate puberty.

You can’t make this stuff up. This same lunatic kid’s doctor, who supports allowing minors to undergo gender surgery without parental consent, thinks adults under 21 are not mature enough to own a firearm.


AN ACT relating to health care; prohibiting health care licensing boards from taking certain action against a provider of health care or certain other persons for providing or assisting in the provision of genderaffirming health care services; prohibiting the Governor from surrendering, or issuing an arrest warrant for, a person who is charged in another state with a criminal violation related to genderaffirming health care services; prohibiting state agencies, local governments and members of the judiciary from assisting in certain investigations and proceedings initiated in other states related to genderaffirming health care services; requiring certain health care licensing boards to examine the feasibility of reciprocal licensure for health care providers who provide genderaffirming health care services in other states; and providing other matters properly relating thereto

Gov. Lombardo’s official veto statement:

SB 302 inhibits the Executive Branch’s ability to be certain that all gender-affirming care related to minors comports with State law. It also decreases the Executive Branch’s authority to ensure the highest public health and child safety standards for Nevadans. As such, I cannot support it.

For these reasons, I veto this bill and return it without my signature or approval.

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