May 9, 2023

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

According to U.S. News & World Report this week, Florida was once again ranked number one for  education for the 7th year in a row. The state’s high school graduation rate was 3.7 percentage points above the national average. According to Gov. Ron DeSantis, he credits the school choice vouchers he made available to every parent for his state’s success. Nevada was ranked dead last.

President Trump has purposed a nation school choice voucher if reelected.

After Dems made parents and children wait for five hours to testify at the legislature on AB400, the school choice bill, Republican Governor Joe Lombardo held his own hearings yesterday at the Mountain View Christian School in Downtown Las Vegas with the media.

The parents and kids of Mountain View Christian School made an emotional appeal, telling their own stories about bullying and harassment at CCSD over their Christian values. I noticed how many young kids got up and testified, doing a great job reading their statements. Most CCSD graduates can’t read their diplomas.

Of the 200 plus kids attending Mountain View Christian School, over 78% are minorities, all looking great in their red and black uniforms. These were good kids telling their heartbreaking stories about trying to escape gangs in public schools. But with an annual tuition of $8,000, many of the kids could never afford to attend Mountain View Christian School without the vouchers provided by the State of Nevada under the ESA program. Only some 1,400 ESA vouchers are currently available annually under current funding levels out of the 300,000 plus kids in Clark County.

In recent polls, Over 75% of parents wanted school choice. Dems refuse to “allow” poor minorities out of their dangerous, failed government schools. Who are the real racists?

AB400  Lombardo, promises made, promises kept:

AN ACT relating to education; creating the Early Childhood Literacy and Readiness Account and authorizing grants from the Account for certain purposes; revising the distribution interest, income, and excess money in
the Education Stabilization Account; authorizing a charter school to receive funding under the PupilCentered Funding Plan for transportation
for pupils in certain circumstances; revising various provisions relating
to the Commission on School Funding.

  • Creates the Office of School Choice to assist families in finding the best classroom for their child, and, if needed, help them obtain scholarships for students.
  • Raises the eligibility requirement for Opportunity Scholarships from 300% to 500% above the federally designated poverty level.
  • Adds additional funding to expand Opportunity Scholarship availability to deserving families.
  • Adds transportation dollars to charter schools. 

Lombardo’s bill also provides funding for teachers to get advanced degrees with a scholarship program and restores a law that would require students to be held back if they can’t read in the 3rd grade.

Of course, Dems have vowed to continue to tramp poor kids in their government schools, grinding out more illiterate Democrat voters. Who are the real racists?

Power to Parents issued the following statement:

Families overwhelmingly want more educational options, and this bill will provide that for them. Education is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. AB400 will diversify our struggling education system and give lower income families a way to escape failing schools assigned by their zip codes.

If you support school choice, make your voice heard now.

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