Feb 24, 2023

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Last week, in an interview with Joe Schoenmann on KNPR, (R) Gov. Lombardo said he will support SB 131, which seeks to codify (D) Gov. Sisolak’s executive order issued in response to the Supreme Court’s decision that overturned Roe v. Wade. Sisolak’s EO prohibits state agencies in the Executive Department of the State Government from providing assistance in a criminal investigation initiated in another state and honoring criminal arrest warrants. 

BTW, any such EO or law is unconstitutional on its face. No state can refuse a warrant for criminal extradition from another state for any lawful charge or conviction. Imagine if New York State could refuse to extradite a convicted murderer to Texas because New York opposed the death penalty. In fact, Texas and Utah AG’s may file a law suit seeking to blocking any such laws in Nevada.

But Dems are trying to force Lombardo to veto any abortion bill so they can use it against him in the next election. Soft Dem votes in Clark County were instrumental to him winning the election.

During the campaign, Lombardo issued the following statement:

Steve Sisolak is addicted to executive orders, both to protect his power and score political points. I simply do not believe executive orders are meant to be permanent or should be used as a campaign tactic.

However, because there are efforts in other states that could impact Nevadans, I have made a commitment not to repeal that executive order until the legislature can make it clear that Nevada is not going to prosecute women who seek an abortion or medical providers that perform legal abortions.

I am not running for Governor of California or Alabama; I cannot control what other states do, but I can continue to make it clear that we are not going to prosecute women for having an abortion in Nevada. Period.

As reported by 360 News:


Reno Planned Parenthood wants Nevada to become a hub for women to fly into and have an abortion to avoid their local state laws. So Reno Planned Parenthood is building an industrial-sized abortion facility next to the Reno airport, including building a hotel. Local pro-life activists dubbed it the Abortion Death Star.

The problem is that the Abortion Death Star can now cater to underage kids without parental consent from out of state, protecting sex traffickers and pimps.

Every governor and U.S. Senator flirts with the dream of running for president. This unnecessary support for an abortion Death Star by Gov. Lombardo will end any future run for President in the Republican party and cause unnecessary divide within the Nevada State GOP. Gov. Lombardo may think he will score points with Dem voters by doing this but I assure you the Dems will still run millions of dollars of TV ads lying about his record on abortion as they did during the 2022 campaign.

So what should Gov. Lombardo do? Dems only need one Republican vote in the State Senate to override Lombardo’s veto. The smart move would be to let a RINO Republican state senator take the hit and vote for it. Then Lombardo’s support or opposition is mute. It may be cynical, but it would be the smart political move, preserving Lombardo’s political capital and his future.


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