June 21, 2018

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

No it wasn’t the Russians who follied the election results for the Clark County Public Administrator.  Don’t expect Robert Mueller to investigate this election meddling scandal. It was our very own Clark County Election Department who claims some six people committed felons by voting twice.

Thomas Fougere lost the Republican primary election to Aaron Manfredi by four votes out of 59,032 cast

AARON MANFREDI total votes received: 29518

THOMAS FOUGERE total votes received: 29514

According to Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria, 43 people voted twice in the primary election and as such he has called for a new election of just the Public Administrator position at a cost to tax payers of $135,000. Gloria claims the issue was human error and they have no idea who actually voted twice. Gloria claimed that most of the 43 double votes were just minor errors that occurred when voter’s stopped half way through voting due to computer glitches and were given a new computer card and cast another vote.

But it gets worse. The elections department admitted that 6 of the 43 had in fact voted in both early voting and on Election Day. But according to Clark County Elections Spokesperson Dan Kulin, the computers were offline when that occurred and they didn’t capture the names of any of the six people.

So six people voted twice at voting stations across the valley during early voting, then all six voted again on election day and the computers failed to capture any of the six people’s names or ID’s.

This is banana republic horse shit. If six people voted twice then there are six felons who need to be charged and prosecuted. Extreme?

In 2014, then Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller and the FBI charged Roxanne Rubin with felony voter fraud after she tried to vote twice in the November 2014 presidential election. Rubin plead guilty and serve 100 hours community service but not before she was dragged out of her job at a casino and perp walked for the cameras.

The real issue is that many people were horrified to learn that the Republican primary candidate Aaron Manfredi won the election even after stories of his conviction for sexual misconduct came to light. Manfredi claims he plead no contest to one Gross Misdemeanor in order to keep his private sector business.

The special election will be limited to mail in ballots from all Republicans who voted in the primary in the county and are due by July 17, 2018

Thomas Fougere issued the following statement “My biggest concern regarding this special election is turnout.  Apparently the Elections Dept. will mail out ballots to every Republican who voted in the primary, which means 73,797 ballots.  It will be a huge challenge to get people receiving these ballots to understand that this is not junk mail and if they want their vote to count, they need to return their ballots.   I too would be surprised if only 10% actually return these ballots, so it is incumbent on me to get the word out as much as possible to get as many as voters as possible to understand that these ballots are very important and they need to cast their vote (hopefully for me) and return the completed ballots.  I can’t help but wonder if the possibility of potential voter fraud might be elevated through the use of mail-in paper ballots. Unelectable Aaron Manfredi Should Drop Out Of The Race For Public Administrator So That A Republican Can Actually Win The Office!”

Aaron Manfredi issued the following statementWe’re going to work hard and earn a victory again for the people of Clark County”


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