July 19, 2023

Every single campaign Chuck Muth touches turns into crap. He may have the worst election consulting track record in the history of Nevada. Last week, Muth was gloating about Jill Douglas uniting with Johnny Bur and Nephi, saying,

“And the bone-headed decision to kick the two out would come back to bite Jesse in the butt yesterday.”

Muth then rambled on blaming Jesse Law and Mike McDonald for his campaign consulting failures. See, he lost every campaign he consulted last year, hence the Muth Curse.

Jill went down in flames last night. I predicted Jesse and Johnny would win. Jill did a great job campaigning, but Muth’s Curse all but assured her loss.

Last year, Chuck “YOU” Muth once again screwed Republicans by endorsing the IAP candidate, Jenine Hansen, for NV SOS over the rock-solid conservative Jim Marchant. The IAPs and Libertarians have helped elect more Dems in Nevada than Harry Reid.

Muth wrote in his blog at the time:

“That said, after three decades in this biz – I didn’t exactly fall off the turnip truck last night – I’m fully aware that the LP and IAP candidates in the general election can siphon votes from the GOP candidate in any given race – enough votes to throw the race to the Democrats.”

He helped Sigal Chattah lose to Aaron Ford last year in a very winnable race. He helped Michael Roberson back in 2018 with his run for Lt. Governor. He helped Joe Heck in his run for the US Senate. He even defended Heck after Heck retracted his endorsement of Trump a month before the 2016 election.

The Muth Curse struck Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whom Muth recently signed on to help, right before his numbers started tanking. YIKES.

He helped Annie Black in her recent failed campaign for U.S. Congress.

He worked against Trump in 2016 for Ben Carson.

Talk about cursed. In the one race Muth actually won, the candidate died weeks before the election. Brothel Pimp Dennis Hof died in November 2018, weeks before he actually won the race. Muth was his lead campaign manager and consultant.

So Jill, don’t feel badly; at least you survived to fight another day.

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