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Feb 18, 2024

As Dems face the wrath of voters anger over immigration after Biden allowed millions of illegal aliens to flood into our country, Dems just announcedtheir plan to replace MAGA voters. If you think it’s just rhetoric, look at the numbers. Just ten years ago, illegal aliens made up 1 in 75 Americans. After 4 years of Biden and the Dems’ open border, illegal aliens now make up 1 in 50 Americans. And in another 10 years, illegal aliens will make up 1 in 35 Americans. You are being replaced.

360 News reported this month on how illegal aliens are registering to vote through the NV DMV.

This week, (D) Susie Lee emailed out her party’s plan to turn those millions of illegal aliens into Dem voters. Its called:

New Democrat Coalition Immigration and Border Security Task Force’s Framework for Commonsense Immigration Reform

Dems’ plan talks openly about giving illegal aliens jobs right in Section I

Strengthen America’s Economic Competiveness

-Eliminate the per-country cap for employment-based (EB) immigration visas and raise the
family-sponsored per-country visa cap from 7 percent to 15 percent.
-Increase the number available EB visas to keep up with workforce demands.

Build the Workforce Our Economy Needs

Create a new temporary non-immigrant visa category for year-around work in industries
experiencing occupation shortages.

Section IV: Embrace Those Who are a Part of the American Fabric: A Pathway to
Citizenship for Dreamers and TPS Holders

Section V: Provide A Path to Legal Status for Those Who Pass a Background
Check and Pay a Fine

Then Dems urge more lawless executive action by Biden.

Section X: Encourage the President to Take Executive Action

Executive action on some of these points may include, but is not limited to, actions that protect DACA recipients and TPS holders; extend TPS designations for countries in crisis as warranted; and streamline legal immigration pathways.

What’s really interesting is how many Hispanic Americans are opposed to illegal aliens flooding our country and are voting Republican and for Trump. A USA Today and Suffolk University survey showed Trump leading with 39% support among Latino voters surveyed, compared to Biden, who has just 34%. Compare that to Biden’s 65% approval from Latino voters in back in 2020.

Dem’s anti-family policies and support for abortion and Transgenders are driving Hispanics into Republican arms. And Hispanic Americans fear the illegal aliens will take their jobs and drive down their wages.

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