Dedication Ceremony of the Nevada Veterans Memorial

May 27, 2016

Today we put aside politics and take a minute to honor those who have serve in the armed forces of the United States of America by dedicating a truly beautiful and gripping Veterans Memorial which took 6 years to make by a very talented artist. I was honored to be there today and meet some great Americans who served in wars spanning from World War II through today’s Active Duty, Reserve and Guard US military services.  Governor Sandoval made a speech dedicating the memorial under a blue sky that seemed to go on forever. There was a wonderful rendition of the National Anthem and even 2 fighter jets flew by. This will be a one Labor Day weekend I will never forget.

Governor Sandoval unveils and dedicates the Nevada Memorial

Congressman Cresent Hardy said a few words in honor of those who served.


Lt. Govenor Mark Hutchison and I talked about not just the veterans who died honored by the memorial but this alive in need of our help still.


I had the honor of interviewing Kenneth Hill, a World War II Soldier who served in the philippines and whose life was saved by the bomb dropped on Hiroshima according to him. He wore his Grandfather’s civil war cap and just oozes of patriotism and service.

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