Oct. 31, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Every day, we hear about another violent criminal who kills, rapes, and robs another innocent American. All too often, we later learn the perp was out on bail for another violent crime at the time of the current offense. This time you have the power to hold one of those Liberal judges accountable for the carnage he has caused. Cops call “Judge Bonaventure the most dangerous judge in Nevada” for a reason.


Several alleged gangbangers from California were arrested and charged in connection with a Sept. 26 shooting near the Strip. John Ferrell, 26, who was booked into jail on Oct. 2, and Elijah Brown, Charles Packard, Dante Harmon, and Earnest Ruff. The men were charged with 6 counts of attempted murder and 20 counts of discharging a firearm, plus several more violent crimes.

The out-of-state residents claimed financial hardship, so, according to the court record, Clark County Justice of the Peace Judge Joseph Bonaventure, who presided over their bail hearing, required them to pay only $10,000 each for all those charges. They paid cash bail and left the state. The case is still pending a final resolution. While everyone is presumed innocent and entitled to their day in court, out-of-state defendants who are charged with shooting up the Las Vegas Strip and facing possible life in prison are most certainly a flight risk and a danger to law enforcement and the public.

Case #2

In October 2019, in another gruesome case, degenerate criminal Reino Pina-Castillero was charged with raping a 14-year-old girl. Judge Bonaventure allowed Reino to walk out without paying any bail. But wait, it gets worse. According to the police report, Reino kidnapped the girl before raping her. But wait, it gets worse. Reino allegedly robbed and murdered another man on April 11, 2021, while awaiting trial on the rape and kidnapping charges.


Judge Joseph Bonaventure is up for reelection with a golden last name that he has ridden to multiple reelections over the past decade. But his record is a prime example of the carnage caused by low bail Liberal judges.

These are just two of dozens of examples of cases (see attached case files)  why cops call “Judge Bonaventure the most dangerous judge in Nevada”. He is running against Clark County Prosecutor Danielle Piper Chio in Department 9. BTW, according to Judge Joseph Bonaventure’s website, not a single law-enforcement group endorsed him.

360 News has attached the case records, including the police report to this story here

Cases on Bonaventure_Redacted

Full disclosure, 360 News has not received a single dime from Danielle Piper Chio ever.

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