Sept. 29, 2021

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

In a shocking display of arrogance, emails obtained by 360 news show Gov. Sisolak and his staff actually writing the VAX mandate policies with no regard to any actual science. Nevada Department of Health, led by Director Richard Whitley, issued a CV19 vaccine mandate for all incoming Nevada University students. According to the DHHS website, Director Whitley has a degree in Counseling Psychology from Western Oregon University. 

360 News served the NV Health Department with a public records demand, requesting all emails with the Governor and staff regarding the recently announced University VAX mandate for all students.

DuAne L. Young Policy Director for Office of Governor Steve Sisolak, emails out policy directives to the Director and a group called MAT. MAT is made of Pro VAX medical doctors who are political appointees of Gov. Sisolak.  In an email blast to the MAT group including Director Whitley he wrote

“The Governor stated that as these recommendations come back, you’ll be hearing updates from him and state
officials. Again‐ our goal is to avoid rolling back. When adults get vaccinated, they protect those who can’t.”

According, to an email dated Aug 3, 2021 ALL the members of the MAT group unanimously supported the Student University CV19 VAX Mandate.

“We have a follow up meeting Thursday morning to finalize recommendations. The group uniformly supports vaccine mandates. They are still fleshing out mass gathering recommendations.
Thank you, Richard”

The MAT never discussed the health risks of the VAX or how few college age students contracted CV19 over the past year and a half or the number of deaths in Nevada from CV19 for college age students. The teachers and staff have about a 70% vaccine rate according to sources in the University system currently. That’s the Governor’s state goal. That never came up in discussions. And of course the civil rights of the students and their parents was never even mentioned. The VAX mandate was a forgone conclusion from the very start when the Governor order them to come up with this policy.

In today’s address the Governor spoke to the importance of vaccination being the pathway out of the
pandemic. Vaccination and masking will be our greatest tools against the Delta variant surge.
”When we rolled back our mask mandate in May, Delta was less than 1% of cases. Today, it’s greater than 90%
in Nevada and, according to the CDC, vaccinated people exposed to Delta may be as contagious as
unvaccinated, but have much less severe symptoms”

This week, the Governor sent a request to his medical advisory team for recommendations in three areas:
First, I am asking my medical advisors to look at vaccination requirements for all students attending in‐person
classes at our public colleges and universities under the Nevada System of Higher Education. Subsequent to my
request to the MAT I was made aware that the NSHE COVID‐19 has provided a recommendation unanimously
recommends that the COVID‐19 be required for anyone attending their institutions.

 Assuming that my medical advisory team is in agreement with those on the NSHE Task Force that
believe this is necessary for Nevada’s higher education institutions to join the hundreds of colleges and
universities around the country in requiring COVID‐19 vaccinations, the Nevada Division of Public and
Behavioral Health will bring forward proposed regulations to the State Board of Health for

 Public health officials have already begun discussions with the appropriate partners, including those at
NSHE, to explore implementation on a timeline that would consider how long it takes to complete full
vaccination with the upcoming academic calendar.
 I want to assure those returning to campuses in the coming weeks that this will have NO impact on
your ability to return to classes this semester. If this is the direction taken, health officials will work
with NSHE and higher ed partners to make sure any timeline is fair and reasonable.
Second, I am asking the Medical Advisory Team for a vaccination recommendation regarding those who
work with vulnerable populations, like those in institutional settings, those working with the homeless
community and those working in our healthcare system.

 These recommendations will help guide conversations and actions we can take moving forward. I am
not afraid to take bold action and I look forward to reviewing the guidance and working with officials
and partners to implement as necessary.

 More updates will be provided as we review recommendations and begin conversations with impacted
parties and local officials.

Finally, I am asking these medical advisors to look at how we can make large gatherings safer. Nevada is
an incredible location for concerts, sporting events and so much more. We have a mask mandate in place,
and I implore all Nevadans attending a large gathering to take it seriously and keep their masks on.
 However, understanding that the Delta variant is more infectious than anything we’ve seen before in
this pandemic and having thousands of people in indoor settings – many of whom are unvaccinated, is
high risk. That’s why I’ve asked for recommendations on how these venues and large gatherings can do
this right and how we protect one another.

 When I get these recommendations back, I will be working with local officials, event managers, and
operators of our largest venues to discuss how they can best implement safety protocols. We’ve all
seen private sector leaders step up to help in these efforts, and I’m hopeful they’ll continue to work
with us to accomplish these goals without a government mandate or a directive.

The VAX recommendations were pasted and copies from other states.

READ THE REDACTED EMAILS HERE –> 360News_combined_Redacted

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