March 23, 2024

Last month at the Nye County Republican Lincoln Dinner, the self-described smartest man in Nevada politics and the self-proclaimed Campaign Doctor of Nevada, who lost every race in the last ten years, made a horrific and unacceptable comment.

The following statement was issued to 360 News by a Black American in the audience:

On Friday, February 23, 2024, at the Nye County Lincoln Day Dinner, Nevada’s Governor Joe Lombardo was the Keynote speaker among many candidates, judges, and elected officials; an estimated 300 people came to this function.
Muth, the Master of Ceremonies, decided to call people on stage from the audience; about six African Americans were in attendance.
From the stage, Chuck Muth told Tony Grady, an African American Military Veteran, a former Airforce Officer, and a candidate for U.S. Senator, “Come on up on stage; we need some color up here.”
According to Stephanie Phillips, the whole room gasped after Chuck Muth’s comment.
I ran into Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Tony Grady last week at the Clark County Republican Convention and asked him about Muth’s comments directed at him. Frankly, he was deeply offended, but he did not want to attack Muth personally. Tony wants voters to focus on his lifelong record of service in the U.S. Air Force as a military pilot. He heard about other folks speaking out against Muth’s comments, and he thought they did a great job. He said he has learned to live with people “like” Chuck Muth all his life and to move forward in spike of them.
Other comments from folks in the audience about Chuck Muth:
“Martin Luther King campaigned for years that it shouldn’t be your skin color but your character’s content.
People like Chuck Muth are the people who make the Republican Party look like a racist organization.
It is my opinion that Chuck Muth is a racist, and he covers it up with humor or makes it seem like it’s no big deal.
Muth owes every minority in the room an apology”
Following Muth’s comments, Gov. Lombardo, the key note speaker that night, distanced himself, stating that Chuck Muth doesn’t work for me.
So far, Muth has refused to apologize.

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