BIDEN SENT 11.5 Billion Gallons of NV’S WATER TO SAVE THE Yellow-billed Cuckoo

BIDEN SENT 11.5 Billion Gallons of NV’S WATER TO SAVE THE Yellow-billed Cuckoo

July 14, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Every day in the news we watch our beloved Lake Mead’s water level continue to recede. And Democrats blame you for taking long showers, watering your lawns and filling your pools. They blame developers for building new homes. Water levels are so low, mob bodies from the 70’s are popping up. 360 News has discovered that the Biden Administration sent 11.4 Billion gallons of water last year from the Colorado River to Mexico to flood the Colorado River Delta to save birds’ habitats.

The Obama/Biden Administration agreed to send 340 Billion gallons of water from the Colorado River starting in 2012. The last time water flowed from the Colorado River down to the Delta in Mexico was in the 1960’s. In 2021, the Biden Administration opened the water gates to Mexico providing some 11.5 Billion gallons of Nevada’s water, according to Aububon website.

According to the non-profit Audubon:

“In 2012, (The Obama/Biden Administration) the U.S. and Mexico embarked on an unprecedented bi-national collaboration to revive the riverine landscape. They planned to deliver more than 340 billion gallons of water in two stages—one-third delivered as a constant low-level base flow and two-thirds delivered as a pulse—down the parched Colorado River. After years of fine-turning the details, the floodgates between Arizona and Mexico opened on March 23, 2014. Over the course of eight weeks, 224 billion gallons of pulse water flowed down the Colorado, flooding more than 5,000 acres of river corridors and floodplains.’ 

In 2021 the Biden Administration restarted the water transfer.

“Thanks to commitments from the United States and Mexico in the Colorado River binational agreement—Minute 323 –  35,000 acre-feet of water (11.4 billion gallons) dedicated to create environmental benefits will be delivered to the river from May 1 to October 11. The expectation is that this will create and support habitat for birds like the Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Yuma Ridgway’s Rail, and Vermilion Flycatcher, and give life to the many plants and animals in this ribbon oasis of green in the midst of the Sonoran Desert.”

“This time, the water will flow for more than five months. Thanks to lessons learned from scientists who studied the 2014 pulse flow, the water will be less likely to infiltrate into the ground, and more likely to fill the river channel providing environmental benefits all the way down to the Gulf of California. System operators are using Mexico’s canal system to bypass Morelos Dam and the driest parts of the channel, delivering the water into the river some 45 river-miles downstream. There it will fill the river where the channel is already wet, maximizing water use efficiency. The scientists’ design optimizes the location and timing of flow to support the hundreds of species of birds that use the delta, and the floodplain habitats they rely on.”

The Obama Administration signed off on a refinement of a 1944 treaty, managed by the International Boundary and Water Commission, that dictates how water is managed across the shared U.S.-Mexico border. The Biden Administration has pledged to continue to give billions of gallons of water to Mexico from the Colorado River through 2026.

NV is allotted 200K acre feet of water from the Colorado River but only uses 25K acre feet. The rest goes to Cali. Clark County recycles 100% of its sewer water, while Cali only recycles 23%.

Sam Peters Candidate for Congressional District #4 told 360 News:

“I am very interested in serving on the natural resources committee exactly for this reason. The water issue in Nevada must be addressed with America First solutions like recycling water like Clark County currently does and desalination.” 

We are waiting for reports to see how much water they send this year.


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