Bill Boyd (R) – Trucking Contractor
Stephanie Carlisle (R) – Businesswoman & ’16 US Rep Candidate
Fred Conquest (R) – College Professor, Marketing Executive & Frequent Candidate
Edward Dundas (R)
Jared Fisher (R) – Bicycle Shop/Adventure Travel Company Owner
Adam Laxalt (R) – Attorney General, Navy Veteran & Grandson of Ex-US Sen. Paul Laxalt
Stan Lusak (R) – Retired Janitor & Frequent Candidate
Dan Schwartz (R) – State Treasurer, Businessman, Army Veteran & ’12 US Rep. Candidate
Asheesh Dewan (D) – Physician
Chris Giunchigliani (D) – Clark County Commissioner, Ex-State Assemblywoman & Ex-Teacher
David Jones (D) – School District Employee & Ex-Computer Consultant
Steve Sisolak (D) – Clark County Commissioner, Ex-State Board of Regents Member & Businessman
Henry Thorns (D) – Businessman
Russell Best (IAP) – Real Estate Developer, Mortgage Broker & Navy Veteran
Jared Lord (Libertarian)
Ryan Bundy (Independent) – Sovereign Citizen Activist & Rancher


Eugene Hoover (R) – Courier Company Owner
Brent Jones (R) – Businessman & Attorney
Scott LaFata (R) – Business Consultant
Gary Meyers (R) – Singer, Entertainer & Businessman
Michael Roberson (R) – State Senate Minority Leader, Attorney & ’16 US Rep. Candidate
Laurie Hansen (D)
Kate Marshall (D) – Ex-State Treasurer, Attorney, Peace Corps Veteran & ’14 Sec of State Nominee
Janine Hansen (IAP) – Conservative Activist, State Party Co-Founder & Frequent Candidate

Barbara Cegavske (R) – (Campaign Site)
Ernest Aldridge (R)
Nelson Araujo (D) – State Assemblyman & Non-Profit Group Executive

Bob Beers (R) – Ex-Las Vegas Councilman, Ex-St Sen, Ex-St Assemblyman & ’06 Gov Candidate
Derek Uehara (R) – Financial Planner & ’15 Henderson City Council Candidate
Zach Conine (D) – Businessman & ’16 Assembly Candidate
Andrew Martin (D) – Ex-State Assemblyman, Accountant & ’14 State Controller Nominee
Bill Hoge (IAP)

Ron Knecht (R)* – (Campaign Site)
Catherine Byrne (D) – Government Accountant

Wes Duncan (R) – Ex-State Assemblyman, Attorney, USAF Reserve Officer & Iraq War Veteran
Craig Mueller (R) – Attorney & Navy Veteran
Aaron Ford (D) – State Senate Majority Leader, Attorney & Ex-Teacher
Stuart MacKie (D) – Farmer
Joel Hansen (IAP) – Attorney & Frequent Candidate


Dean Heller (R)* – (Campaign Site)
Sherry Brooks (R)
Vic Harrell (R)
Tom Heck (R) – Public Works Manager, Ex-Town Manager., Retired USAF Officer & ’16 Candidate
Gary Anthony Meyers (R) – Singer, Actor & Businessman
Danny Burleigh (D) – Security Guard
Drew Knight (D) – Construction Worker & ’16 US Rep Candidate
Bobby Mahendra (D) – Businessman, Accountant & ’16 Candidate
Allen Rheinhart (D) – Artist, Progressive Activist, ’16 Candidate & ’14 Gov. Candidate
Jacky Rosen (D) – Congresswoman, Software Developer & Jewish Community Activist
Jesse Sbaih (D) – Attorney & ’16 US Rep. Candidate
Kamau Bakari (IAP) – Electrician & ’14/’16 US Rep Nominee
Tim Hagan (Libertarian) – State Party Treasurer
Richard Charles (Independent)
Barry Michaels (Independent) – Chiropractor, Businessman, Felon & Frequent Candidate


District 1:
Dina Titus (D)* – (Campaign Site)
Reuben D’Silva (D) – Iraq War Veteran, Teacher & ’16 Candidate

District 2:
Mark Amodei (R)* – (Campaign Site)
Sharron Angle (R) – Ex-State Assemblywoman, Tea Party Activist & Frequent Candidate
Joel Beck (R)
Ian Luetkehans (R)
Vance Alm (D) – Physician & Army/USAF Veteran
Pat Fogarty (D)
Jesse Hurley (D)
Clint Koble (D) – Ex-USDA Official & Ex-Non-Profit Group Dir.
Rick Shepherd (D) – Educator, Progressive Activist & ’16 Candidate

District 3:
Rick Hart (D)
Susie Lee (D) – Communities in Schools of Nevada Board President, Philanthropist & ’16 Candidate
John Love (D) – Insurance Agency Owner
Guy Pinjuv (D) – Environmental Scientist & Conservationist
Steve Schiffman (D) – Ex-US Diplomat, Attorney & ’16 Candidate
Michael Weiss (D) – IT Professional & Democratic Activist

Patrick Carter (R) – Marketing Executive & College Professor
Ed Hamilton (R) – Businessman, Ex-Auto Industry Executive & Frequent Candidate
Scott Hammond (R) – State Sen. & Teacher
Stephanie Jones (R) – Skin Care Salon Owner

Dave McKeon (R) – Ex-Clark County GOP Chair
Michelle Mortensen (R) – Ex-TV News Reporter
Victoria Seaman (R) – Ex-State Assemblywoman, Businesswoman & ’16 State Sen. Nominee 
District 4:
John Anzalone (D) – High School Principal & Teacher
Steven Horsford (D) – Ex-Congressman, Ex-State Sen. & Ex-DNC Member
Pat Spearman (D) – State Sen., Minister & Retired Army Officer
Allison Stephens (D) – State University Regent & Health Care Project Manager
Amy Vilela (D) – Financial Consultant, Accountant & Photographer
Sid Zeller (D) – USMC Civilian Employee, Retired USMC Officer & Frequent Candidate
David Gibbs (R) – Businessman, Ex-Clark County GOP Chair & USAF Veteran
Cresent Hardy (R) – Ex-Congressman, Ex-State Assemblyman & Businessman
Jeff Miller (R) – Horseback Tour Company Owner, Ex-Radio Host & Ex-Pro Wrestler & ’16 Candidate
Mike Monroe (R)
Bill Townsend (R) – Businessman
Kenneth Wegner (R) – Bail Enforcement Agent, Gulf War Veteran & Frequent Candidate
Greg Luckner (Libertarian) – Real Estate Agent
Dean McGonigle (Independent) – Restaurant Manager & Conservative Activist
Rodney Smith (Independent) – Retired USAF NCO Danny Tarkanian (R) – Businessman, Attorney & Frequent Candidate
Annette Teijeiro (R) – Physician & ’16 Candidate
Gil Eisner (Independent)

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