June 13, 2019

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

When visitors walk the halls of Congress they notice the gay pride rainbow flags flying outside congressional office doors all throughout. Today’s Democrats have taken down the POW flags and replaced them with the Gay Pride flag. In fact just last week, several U.S. Embassies were ordered by President Trump to remove the Gay Pride Rainbow flags from the flag poles in foreign nations. Everywhere we look, Democrats are pushing the gay agenda. From forcing women to accept men who claim to be women in their public bathrooms, to allowing transgender men to compete in women’s sports, to schools forced to teach Dem approved wing gay history.

The Democrats became the official party of the gay movement under President Obama when he lifted the ban on transgenders and gays in the military. Obama then forced transgender polices in public schools. Even though many Republicans are openly disgusted by the Democrat’s pro-gay, anti-family agenda, most Republicans just believe in a live and let live attitude. We actually don’t care who sleeps with whom. We just don’t want to see these policies on public display, nor do we want it forced down our children’s throats in public schools without parent’s permission.

But that is just what the Dems has done over the past 4 years. The Dems, as a party, have become, in your face, militantly pro-gay. The Dems’ support for the gay and trans life styles is just a continuation of their war on straight white Christian males. It’s just that simple. We never hear Dems refer to gay men as toxic males or publicly attack a gays for coming on to their employees. That’s the Dems’ new weapon of choice to destroy straight white men with, like Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Bill O’Reilly and any other straight male who asked a woman out in the work place.

BTW, we’re not allowed to talk about this issue anymore. So don’t tell anyone you read this story or they’ll call you names and accuse you of hate speech.

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