Sept. 7, 2023

What happens in Las Vegas sometimes doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Sometimes it lands one in the maturity ward. That was the case for a local Clark County Family Court judge. Very married Nadin Cutter, a Clark County Family Court Judge, had to take a year off for maternity leave because she was having her Deputy Marshal, Nicholas Bouto’s, child. Judge Cutter assumed office on January 4, 2021. Cutter’s current term ends on January 4, 2027, according to sources and reports.

Judge Cutter’s divorce pleadings confirmed the story. Now the judge is under investigation by the Nevada Commission of Judicial Ethics, again.

This isn’t the first time Judge Cutter has been investigated by the Nevada Commission of Judicial Ethics. Just a few months ago, Judge Cutter pled guilty to an ethics charge for taking a year to rule on a bench trial divorce proceeding. I guess she was “too busy” to do any actual “judicial work”.

Female lawyers have held a huge political electoral advantage in recent years, winning judicial elections based solely on gender. Several highly qualified male judges were defeated in the last couple of elections by highly unqualified females. Now I know some great judges who happen to be female. But gender should have no place in electing anyone. EDI has infected our judicial elections.

Can one imagine the firestorm if a married male judge impregnated a female bailiff or marshal? It would have ended up on TMZ and CNN. This just proves that those who are part of the political class or politically correct groups are protected from any real scrutiny. Just try Googling her story. Not one news outlet picked this up.

Just like the Hunter laptop…



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