May 5, 2018

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Tonight, Steve Sanson’s non profit group, Veterans on Politics, is hosting a candidate meet and greet. For Steve, its just another day in his life serving Veterans and Veteran’s causes.  Steve lives off a modest income from the VA as a 100% disabled U.S. Veteran. Steve has committed the last 12 years of his life moving the ball forward for Veterans here in Nevada. But Steve’s spirit of service started way before 2006.

Steve Sanson’s strong commitment to his country and his community has been demonstrated through his leadership and service in the United States Marine Corps in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm, where he earned the distinguished Certificate of Commendation from the United States Marine Corps. Sanson served in the Marine Corps from 1985 to 1991 and the United States Army from 1992 to 1998. Sanson is also 100% disabled from injuries sustained during Operation Desert Storm.

Here are just some of Steve’s accomplishments:

  • Steve led the fight to establish Veterans’ specialty courts in Nevada to help those suffering from addiction and PTSD.
  • Steve fought to protect VA disability benefits from alimony.
  • Steve fought to keep both VA cemeteries green in Nevada
  • Steve spearheaded the effort to place the word “Veteran” on NV Drivers’ license after Veteran Stanley Gibson was killed by Metro Police who were unaware he was suffering from PTSD
  • Steve held LVMPD accountable for the shooting death of Veteran Stanley Gibson whose only crime was not receiving his PTSD meds from the VA.
  • In 2010, Steve worked closely with Clark County Commissioners Steve Sisolak and Rory Reid and U.S. Senator Harry Reid in establishing the USO lounge at McCarran Airport.
  • Sanson was appointed by Governor Gibbons to the Southern Nevada Veteran Cemetery Advisory Board from 2007-2011

Steve’s new battles include:

Steve will author “The Stephen Carey Memorial Veterans’ Restitution Act”. The bill will align Nevada with other states in lifting restrictions for Veterans to hold the VA accountable for injures they cause due to negligence and unnecessary delays in treatment.

Steve will author a bill to fund a study of Veteran suicides here in Nevada conducted by UNLV and/or UNR. What better place to conduct such a study with over 300,000 Veterans who call Nevada home?

The 7th Amendment Project

A Family Court Judge alone can take away your children, your house, your business, your money and your freedom, all without a Jury. Steve Sanson “I will introduce a bill restoring everyone’s 7th Amendment rights to a Jury Trial in Family Court.”

Air Force Veteran and Judicial Executive Assistant at The Eighth Judicial District Court Of The State Of Nevada Melody Howard said of Steve “Advocating, demanding, lobbying that’s instrumental. he spent years doing all that before they started implementing. He fought for, demanded, email blasted, to make Clark County follow the law and implement Veteran’s Court here in Clark County. Long before his war on the court, he made it his mission to make Clark Courtly Courts not only implement the Veterans Court, he demanded funding. Hate him or love him, he made it happen, and I helped him do it. I don’t agree with him on some things, but Veterans Court, yep, he fought hard to ensure it happened in Clark County.”

Steve is a U.S. Marine. Marines are a very unique group of people to say the least. Steve is either your best friend or your worst nightmare. He passionately fights every battle. He can be a loud New Yorker or a quiet warrior. Either way he fights to win. And when Steve wins Veterans win.

Disclosure: Steve is a personal friend and I support his candidacy for Assembly District 13.

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