August 23, 2016

This is Rob’s rant

I had two 2 heart attacks treated at Mountain View Hospital last week, who by the way, did an outstanding job across the board. I called my private Cardiologist’s office for a follow up appointment and bam done in five minutes, set for this week. What a difference.

Today I also called the VA in an effort to make an appointment to see the VA Cardiologist to review my condition, medications and get a exercise rehab plan for my heart and right away I get the run around.

I tried calling the Cardiology department to schedule an appointment and was told to call my nurse practitioner’s office first, make an appointment and get a referral from a nurse practitioner to see the Cardiologist.

The nurse practitioner’s office then tells me they will get back to me within 3 day with an appointment. So now the VA expects me to wait three days to get an appointment to see the nurse practitioner to get a referral to make an appointment to see the Cardiologist.

This is the maze of bull**** Veterans have to navigate to get treatment even after two heart attacks and two emergency heart surgeries. All the while I am trying to keep my blood pressure down and not get too aggravated.

This is why I feel its time Veterans need to demand their right to choose their Doctor, choose their hospitals and choose their treatments.

Refugees from the third world get better medical options and care then our military veterans do stuck in an unaccountable bureaucracy where over 258,000 Veterans died while waiting for care over the last ten years according to a recent CNN report.

Sure there are great doctors and nurses who work very hard at the VA but they don’t run the VA, the bureaucrats do who tie their hands with rules and red tape. The VA Doctors and Nurses should be in charge not Union Government bureaucrats worried about parking spaces.

I am going to call my representative, Congressman Hardy, to see if he can help me cut through the red tape. I will keep you posted and let you know how that works out.

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