May 13, 2023

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

For the last few years, I have been ringing the alarm about the threat from China. From China buying up American family homes by the hundreds of thousands, buying up farmland, buying up major American companies, destroying American factories with super low pricing, and building their military up to threaten American interests in the world.

According to Socotra Capital, “In 2016, Chinese real estate investment totaled $33 billion. Between 2010 and 2015, China invested $350 billion in American real estate, with $93 billion of that going into single and multi-family residences.”

According to the FBI, China was certainly to blame for the release COVID-19, but no one is holding them accountable.

China is preparing for war with the United States over Taiwan. Will Biden surrender and hand over American dominance in the Pacific?

China is behind the push for electric cars because it has been hoarding lithium mine. Last year, Sisolak gave $8 million of Nevada taxpayer money to a company controlled by China to build a huge lithium mine right here in Thacker Pass, Nevada. Lithium Americas  largest shareholders are Chinese Communist Party members.

The WOKE BS infecting our society started in our universities, which have been getting millions from China. WOKE is then pushed out into our society from those same universities.

Finally, RNC’s Ronna MCDaniels has seen the light. This week she came out blasting the Biden Administration for their “China First” policy.

On Fox News this week she said

“China is running this White House in a lot of ways,” McDaniel continued. “China is the reason fentanyl is coming across our [southern] border. China is taking our kids’ data on TikTok. We sold our Strategic Petroleum Reserves to China. This is an administration that is more China First than America First, and the American people want a President who cares about them.”

Here is a list of American brands owned by China:

  1. AMC movie theaters
  2. General Motors 50% partnership
  3. Spotify
  4. Volvo
  5. Hilton Hotels
  6. GE Appliance Div.
  7. Motorola Mobility
  8. Smithfield Foods
  9. Hoover brand
  10. Lenovo
  11. Chesapeake Energy
  12. AES Corp
  13. Friede Goldman United
  14. Ingram Micro
  15. Terex Corp
  16. Legendary Entertainment Group
  17. 20th Century Fox

NBC News, CNBC, and MSNBC are owned by Comcast which also owns Universal Pictures which is a minority partner of five Chinese state-owned companies in the Universal Beijing Resort. The resort will feature attractions from Universal properties, like Harry Potter and Jurassic World, and licensed properties from other American entertainment companies, such as Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures, giving Beijing a single point of pressure on several U.S. media firms. In 2016, Universal and China’s Perfect World Pictures announced a $500 million co-financing deal for a slate of films.

ABC News is owned by The Walt Disney Company, which also owns Walt Disney Studios and participates in the Shanghai Disney Resort, where it is a 43% partner with three Chinese companies controlled by the government of the city of Shanghai. The resort saw 11 million visitors in its first year of operation and is a major contributor to Disney’s earnings. Disney also owns 80% of ESPN, which shied away from covering the story of Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey’s tweet supporting Hong Kong demonstrators and the ensuing controversy.

CBS News is owned by ViacomCBS which also owns Paramount Pictures and ViacomCBS Networks International, the latter of which produces MTV and Nickelodeon for the Chinese market.

CNN is owned by AT&T’s WarnerMedia which controls NBA TV.

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