Oct. 19, 2022

Tiffany Jones (R) Candidate for NV Assembly District #35

I’m Tiffany Jones, a local mom and Territory Executive for a medical device company who has a decade of experience in owning a business.  I’m running for State Assembly to be an effective voice for Southwest Las Vegas.  I was born, raised, and educated in San Diego, CA.  I graduated from UCSD with a BA in Psychology.  I moved here in 2005 to begin my career in the wedding cake industry, which provided the necessary experience to open my own bakery business in 2011.

That is also the year I purchased my first house in Las Vegas, and I have called Mountain’s Edge my home for the past 11 years.  My daughter, Jovi, was born on June 28, 2012, exactly one year to the day before I opened my brick-and-mortar wedding cake boutique, Peridot Sweets, where we specialized in highly customized wedding & celebration cakes.  In 2019, I sold my bakery right before the pandemic hit and knew I needed a career change.  While I had zero experience in corporate sales as well as zero experience in the medical field, I put my mind to it and within 3 months was able to secure a position as the Territory Executive for a national medical device rental company.  Between opening and operating a business, running for office, and changing careers, I have proven to do everything I’ve set my mind and heart upon.

I am running because I have a unique perspective on issues that matter to us all.  As a successful small business owner, mother, and medical sales executive, I have a vested interest in better schools, a thriving economy, and quality health care in Nevada.  I’m a firm believer that every child deserves the opportunity to have a great education. My Filipino mother instilled in me the importance of a high-quality education, hard work, and tenacity, which are values I am passing on to my own daughter. Parents should be empowered to advocate for their children and should be the ultimate decision makers when it comes to where their children attend school. Zip codes should not dictate where a child must go to school.

Last session, the incumbent, and my Democrat opponent, voted for bills that have caused a sharp increase in neighborhood crime, and we’re all feeling the effects. The voters I meet daily consistently voice their concerns about public safety. My opponent has put our safety at risk!  We need to give the women and men of law enforcement the tools and training they need to keep us all safe, work to increase mental health resources to our community, thereby decreasing law enforcements’ need to be engaged and will provide help for those that, too often, can’t help themselves, and not defund the police in any way, shape or form.

Our Nevada families are suffering due to sky high gas prices caused by out of control spending and inflation. Today, the average price of gas in Clark County is $5.59 per gallon. That’s up 45 cents from a month ago and $2.23 from one year ago. If elected, I will introduce a bill for a gas tax holiday to provide some relief to our families.

Election Day is 21 days away, and early voting starts this Saturday!  Please contact me at 702-287-7468 if you have any questions; I’d love to hear from you, and I’d love to earn your vote!


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