Hello, I’m Assemblywoman Michele Fiore. Thank you for tuning in to this very important information. The information I’m about to share with you is disturbing. Please google any one of these stories to verify what I’m about to tell you. America has made incarcerating your family members a big business especially our children.

Just last week a federal appeals court upheld the incarceration of a 13 year old boy for burping in his classroom in New Mexico. The 10 th Circuit Court of Appeals says based on state law the text demonstrates the Legislature’s intent “to prohibit a wide swath of misconduct that interferes with educational conduct.” Judge Neil Gorsuch wrote a four-page dissent, disagreeing “respectfully” with Chief Judge Timothy Tymkovich and the opinion’s author, Judge Jerome Holmes. “If a seventh-grader starts trading fake burps for laughs in gym class, what’s a teacher to do? Order extra laps? Detention? A trip to the principal’s office? Maybe. But then again, maybe that’s too old school. Maybe today you call a police officer,” he wrote. He said that although his colleagues suggest the law permits the handcuffs and trip to juvenile detention, Gorsuch remains “unpersuaded.”

In Pennsylvania Judge Mark Ciavarella ruined over 3000 children’s life for a 2.2 million dollars payoff, as a finder’s fee for the construction of a for-profit facility in which to house these so-called delinquents. This judge and his other partner judge is supposed to spend 28 years in prison however, the private facilities are still operating. The judges were charged with financial crimes related to his acceptance of $2.2 million. I highly recommend watching the “Kids for Cash” documentary, just to get a glimpse of just how corrupt our justice system can be.

Some of the charges this judge made up and sent children to jail for was as follows; creating a fake, humorous Myspace page about her school’s vice principal, Hillary Transue, a 14year old , Justin Bodnar 12 years old cursed at another student’s mother. Ed Kenzakoski, 17, did nothing at all, It just didn’t matter, these kids were hauled into court with their parents, sometimes after being persuaded; coerced, according to at least one parent by police to waive their right to legal counsel.

They were brought before Judge Mark A. Ciavarella and, without warning or the chance to offer a defense, found themselves pronounced guilty, shackled and sentenced to months of detention in a cockroach-infested jail. These children were trapped in the juvenile justice system for years, robbing most of them of their entire high-school experience. Sandy Fonzo’s son committed suicide.

In Montana, Joe Robertson, A 77 year old Vietnam Veteran got thrown in prison for building a pond on his private property. You can actually call Mr. Robertsons attorney Mike Donahue, at 406-449- 8381 and push him to file for Joe Robertsons appeal, he seems to not be defending Joe, he is a public defender which is paid by the state, however, I do believe he is ethically bound to defend his client verses his employer.

A 76-year- old Texas man, David Parton was thrown in jail last week for illegally feeding stray cats. Parton has been feeding stray cats in his area for over ten years. Just this week, Parton was released from the Cooke County Correctional Center after spending nine days in jail for refusing to pay the $900 fine that came along with feeding the cats.

And of course you’re aware of our Cowboys being incarcerated now for over six months for defending their livelihood.

My message to you is we can change things, we’ve become an effete society which means weak, spoiled, lazy and no longer able to take effective action. I’mhere sending you this message because you can take effective action. You have the power to vote these corrupt politician and judges out of office. If they’re appointed officials, vote the one who appointed them out. You also have the power to quash any judge’s decision by participating as a juror and exercise Jury Nullification, bottom line is if it shouldn’t be a crime you can make sure they don’t do any time by being a juror.

Tune in to our next broadcast on Jury Nullification.

I’m Assemblywoman Michele Fiore.

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