August 14, 2019

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Only a few months ago, the Clark County Republican Central Committee had a hugely successful Lincoln Day Dinner starring the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, raising more than $55,000. But today the CCRP is broke and cannot afford to pay its share of the Nevada Republican Presidential Caucus to help reelect President Trump after colossal missteps by Chairman David Sadjak.

In 2016, then Candidate Trump rallied more than 70,000 people to turn out at the Nevada Caucus fueling his momentum to win the nomination and ultimately the Presidency.

Back in April, the Lincoln Day Dinner was held at Treasure Island Casino which is owned by Phil Ruffin, a very dear friend of President Trump’s. The bill for the Lincoln Day Dinner topped $30,000 for chicken dinner. Yet Chairman Sadjak never thought to ask Mr. Ruffin to comp the event in support of the President. In fact, Sadjak was offered other hotels and banquet spaces at cost or free.

So, after some $30,000 in costs for the event, the CCRP netted around $25,000. Now that the CCRP had a little cash on hand Sadjak went on a spending spree buying a copier for $5,000 cash, renting an office for $1,200 per month and a host of other expenses. The CCRP has $20,000 in checks pending as of a couple of weeks ago according to executive board member sources. That means, the CCRP literally does not have enough money to pay for the office space they committed to for next year’s election.

According to several local Republicans, Sadjak rejected offers of FREE office space, because Sadjak didn’t like the person or persons.

According to the CCRP financial disclosure filed with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office on July 3, 2019, the CCRP only raised about $1,500 last quarter. The $1,500 came from Sadjak’s company, Win Win Real Estate.

Except for the Lincoln Day Dinner, Sadjak failed to raise any real money this entire year. Sadjak failed to open a single campaign office in Clark County during the municipal elections and now Sadjak has failed to fund the NV Republican Presidential Caucus. According to organizers, the the CCRP needs to raise $60,000 to fund the Caucus next February.

Several CCRP members have started a recall petition just weeks after Sadjak was elected to his first full term as CCRP Chairman.

According to NV Democrat Officals, Harry Reid laughed when he heard the CCRP cancelled the Trump Caucus.

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