Feb 29, 2024

This week, the good guys won one. Two years ago, a group of Dem lawyers sued to block Gibbs’ 2022 Voter ID Ballot Initiative, claiming Repair the Vote PAC’s Voter ID ballot initiative would hurt minorities because they are too stupid to get picture IDs. They also claimed the ballot language was misleading voters. Even though the judge struck down the ballot initiative in 2022, the judge actually wrote the language he would accept.

Fast forward to 2024: the “Repair the Vote” political action committee, led by Dave Gibbs, again filed a constitutional ballot initiative requiring voters to show a picture ID when voting in person. And again, the same group sued to block it. Nevada lawyer David C. O’Mara, representing the “Repair the Voter” PAC, filed their reply.

Responding Brief (Repair the Vote) (1)

But this time the same judge from 2022, Judge William Maddox, heard the case, and this time he approved the ballot initiative using his language from 2022.

The Court’s approved petition’s description of the effect reads in full:

If passed, this initiative would amend the state constitution to
require that all persons voting in person present an approved photo.
identification before being provided a ballot. It also requires that
Voters submitting a mail-in ballot provide additional verification of
their identity when completing their mail-in ballot.

The Dem lawyers also claimed the new Ballot Initiative, which is a Constitution Amendment, violates the Nevada State Constitution against expending funds. They argued that either the state will have to provide state IDs or the voters will need to pay for voter IDs.

But their plaintiff, Jennifer Fleischmann, appears to have a DMV-issued state license to operate a car. . But the Dem lawyers fail to mention whether Ms. Fleischman would be damaged by the ballot initiative because she doesn’t have a state ID. It’s very difficult to find anyone in Nevada without a picture ID or access to a free ID. It seems the Dem lawyers failed to find anyone in Nevada without a picture ID.

The State Legislature has already authorized fee exemptions for DMV state IDs for the homeless, poor, persons under 25 years old, prisoners, and other low-income citizens. So the ballot initiative would not require the legislature to authorize expenditures or citizens to pay for state IDs since it already has.

Time is running out for Gibbs, since he must obtain 102,362 valid signatures by June 26, 2024, to qualify for the November 2024 election.

Dave Gibbs issued this exclusive statement to 360 News Las Vegas.

“It’s disturbing that the Democratic Party establishment is opposed to people showing a photo ID when they vote. You have to show a photo ID to get on an airplane, to cash a check, or to check into a hotel here in Nevada. Our voting rights are precious, and every American citizen should be concerned that every individual who casts a ballot is, in fact, that registered voter.”

Website link for Voter ID Ballot Initiative: Repair The Vote

Gov. Lombardo has not indicated whether he will actively support this ballot initiative yet.


BTW Clark County Elections department, voter ID is required for “paper provisional mail ballot in-person on the spot at one of the in-person voting sites”.

Identification and Proof of Residency: If you register to vote or update your
existing voter registration online from May 22 to June 4, or in-person from May 23 to June 5 or on June 9, you must provide identification and, if needed, proof of residency, to vote a paper provisional mail ballot in-person on the spot at one of the in-person voting sites (see pages 7-8). NO VOTING MACHINES WILL BE USED FOR IN-PERSON
VOTING. The identification requirements are:
• Your unexpired Nevada (NV) Department of Motor Vehicles (OMV) Driver’s
License with your current residential address which must match the address in
your voter registration; or
• Your unexpired NV State Identification Card with your current residential address, which must match the address in your voter registration; or
• Your NV OMV temporary “Interim Document” with your current residential
address, which must match the address in your voter registration.
• IF the address on your identification is not your current residential address,
meaning it does not match your voter registration residential address and/or if it is not where you currently live, then you must also provide proof of current
residency, such as one of the following:

o A military identification card

o A bank or credit union statement

o A paycheck

o An income tax return

o A property tax statement

o A motor vehicle registration

o A utility bill(electric, gas, oil, water, sewer, septic, phone, cable)

o A mortgage statement, or residential rental or lease agreement

o Any other document issued by a governmental agency

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