May 19, 2023

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

The state of Nevada has a surplus of cash on hand following COVID and tourists dropping $1 billion a month for the past year in gaming. Governor Lombardo ran on a pledge to raise police pay to make up for Dems defunding police in past budgets following BLM riots across the country. Sheriff Lombardo soundly defeated Mr. BLM Lover Sisolak last year. So Dems want to neutralize Lombardo’s law enforcement cred in the next election by claiming he and Senate Republicans cut police funding.

The Nevada Police Union blasted both Gov. Lombardo and Senate Republicans for not caving and giving in to every demand. Dems smelled blood in the water and brought SB440 to the floor full of special perks for all government unions, not just police, including a huge increase in PERS (the state-run retirement fund). PERS is grossly underfunded, according to NPRI. In addition, the Dems stuffed in a bunch of cash for the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, the DMV, and other agencies. They were hoping to force Republicans to vote for pork under the title of police funding. But Republicans didn’t fall for it. This led to every Republican senator voting no on SB440, which Dems will paint as voting against cops.

The Board of Examiners is made up of Gov. Lombardo, NV Attorney General Aaron Ford, and the Dem SOS Aguillar. Well, Ford and Aguillar voted for the Nevada Police Union’s proposed terms, but Lombardo voted against them. Frankly, I trust Lombardo’s intentions far more than Ford’s and Aguillar’s when it comes to police issues. FYI, Aron Ford is running for governor. That’s all you need to know about his vote.

The Nevada Police Union blasted Gov. Lombardo and Senate Republicans following the vote: 

Statement by the Nevada Police Union regarding Governor Lombardo’s NO vote on a collective bargaining agreement seeking pay raises for state police.Background: After a union and the state administration negotiate terms of an agreement, the Board of Examiners (Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General) must approve the agreement for it to be forwarded on to the Legislature for funding allocation. Today, Governor Lombardo voted NO on an agreement that would seek pay raises for state police. The agreement passed 2-1 with the supporting votes of Attorney General Ford and Secretary of State Aguillar.Statement: “We are shocked and extremely disappointed by Gov. Lombardo’s vote against our agreement that seeks to raise critical funding for state police,” said Dan Gordon, president of Nevada Police Union. ”Simply put, our members feel betrayed. We have been told time-and-time again that our state’s leadership understands we are operating at critical levels that puts public safety at risk and leaves Nevadans less safe, yet the only action we’ve seen to address this issue is the passage of SB440 by Senate Democrats. Astonishingly, not a single Senate Republican voted for SB440 that funds the police. Meanwhile, more-and-more officers leave the state and we can no longer provide 24/7 coverage. For a safer Nevada, both NPU agreements and an adjustment to PERS contributions should be supported unanimously and funded immediately. Anything less will be insufficient and a detriment to the state police workforce.”

Gov. Lombardo issued this reply to 360 News:

“As Governor Lombardo voiced at the Board of Examiners meeting yesterday, he is committed to delivering two-grade pay increases, 8% and 4% in cost of living adjustment increases over the next two years, and $2,000 in annual retention incentives to all public safety employees. Governor Lombardo remains focused to ensuring fiscal and operational sustainability for state government, and the Office of the Governor will be submitting bill draft requests to implement the agreements approved this morning.” -Elizabeth Ray, Spox for Governor Joe Lombardo

Dems are trying to use this vote to gaslight voters on the issue of defunding police. Expect Dems to send out mailers claiming Republicans voted to cut police funding.

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