May 4, 2023

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

This week new Republican challengers emerged. Name ID is a huge expense and challenge for new candidates. These two guys won’t have that problem.

Click to watch Dick Morris and Jim Marchant’s announcement.

Former Assemblyman Jim Marchant just announced he will challenge Jacky Rosen for the U.S. Senate seat from Nevada. Marchant announced his bid for the U.S. Senate at the Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain Church, the same church that beat Sisolak in federal court to reopen during COVID. Marchant ran unsuccessfully for Congress and then for Nevada Secretary of State. But this time, Marchant has the powerful and former Clinton consultant Dick Morris running his campaign. Marchant is expected to get Trump’s endorsement.

Dick Morris outlined Marchant’s campaign, which will take on new issues other candidates have ignored for a years. He will focus on health issues like pesticides in our food, drug companies’ abuse of the public health, and the digital money the Fed plans to introduce next month.

And Drew Johnson is about to announce he will run for CD3 against Susie Lee. Johnson lost his bid last year for County Commissioner by a handful of votes, days after the election. He will focus on her long history of corruption. Johnson will carry over his powerful ground game. Drew Johnson was a columnist, political commentator, investigative reporter and former think tank executive. He was a senior scholar at the National Center for Public Policy Research, a columnist at Newsmax and a contributor to The Daily Caller. So expect hi will raise real money from that Rolex. Drew spent years focused ion government waste and fraud in government.


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