Sept 27, 2021

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

The attached chart from the Nevada Hospital Association for this week shows a staffing problem since the vax mandate was announced and not a CV19 surge crisis.

Local Vegas news misleads the public again with slanted stories about Cv19 and rural hospitals at their breaking point to continue to justify the Governor’s illegal endless emergency powers. But the chart shows the governor causing the crisis by mandating vaccines. Its ironic that 50% of doctors and nurses in the Cv19 trenches are refusing the jab and leaving instead.

And its those medial staff leaving that have forced hospitals to reduce the number of ICU beds causing a potential crisis. The solution is simple, end the vax mandate in hospitals and there will be no hospital shortage.

September 7, at 5pm in front of St. Rose Hospital, Nurses and doctors held a vaccine protest. I had a chance to sit down and talk with one of the nurses who’s leading the protest. As of today she doesn’t want her name public. We’ll call her Nurse “Y”. She works at St. Rose hospital and treats CV19 patents.

According to Nurse Y, she and more than half the nursing staff at St. Rose Hospital are refusing to take Jab. Nurse Y told us “Remember, we’ve been treating CV19 patents for the last year and a half without a vaccine. Working here we’ve built up natural immunity”.

Nurse Y went on to tell how she was sent out into the community over the last several months to administer CV19 vaccines. Many of those folks, she saw firsthand ended up in her hospital with terrible side effects. Nurse Y told about one woman who can barely walk now after having an immunity reaction to the vaccine. So far to date, the CDC has refused to acknowledge a single CV19 vaccine death and only a handful of injuries.

After that, Nurse Y refused to administer CV19 vaccines. But what about the vaccine’s protection from CV19? Nurse Y claims that at least half of the CV19 patents in St Rose Hospital, at any given time, had the vaccine. So clearly it doesn’t work according to Nurse Y. The death toll for those with the vaccine verse those without is still not settled as the current break out continues to unfold. But the overall death rate for the population is .0015% annually. In Nevada, out of 3.2 million folks, according to the NV Department of Health, 5,000 people died.

The pressure from the government to get the vaccine, even in light of real world testimony from front line medical staff like Nurse Y, concerns medical experts working in the field. The upcoming protest this Tuesday will shed new light as we hear from many of those medical staff working in the CV19 trenches, if they’re not banned from social media.



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