May 7, 2023

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Governor Sisolak’s rampant abuse of power during COVID was a product of his unlimited emergency powers provided to him by the Democrat-controlled legislature. His abuses were so over the top that the federal courts had to step in to “allow” people to go to church and pray. Sisolak shut down the entire strip, called people non-essential, and destroyed their companies, all with the stroke of his pen without any oversight by the legislature.

In truth, the Democrat-controlled legislature in 2021 was in full support of his abuses. Sisolak used this power to shake down businesses that desperately wanted to reopen. His wife was caught by 360 News taking a $250k no-bid contract.

The Nevada courts completely blocked any efforts to challenge Sisolak. Sisolak’s lawyers actually argued that the COVID lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates were his policies, and if the people didn’t like them, they could vote him out. The people of Nevada had enough, threw Sisolak out of office, and elected Joe Lombardo.

Gov. Lombardo has done something no politician has ever done in my memory. He is seeking to limit his own power. Gov. Lombardo submitted SB 431, the Government Modernization and Efficiency Act. The bill “limits the governor’s emergency powers to 90 days”.

The highlighted sections replace the current language, which allowed for unlimited powers without legislative oversight.

Section 122. of state law:

Any [such] emergency or disaster [, whether] proclaimed by the Governor [or by the Legislature,] pursuant to this section terminates [upon the] 90 days after the original proclamation by the Governor, unless before such date, the Governor issues a subsequent proclamation [of the
termination thereof by the Governor,] that terminates the emergency or disaster earlier or [the passage by] the Legislature [of] passes a resolution [terminating] approving the continuation of the emergency or disaster [.] beyond 90 days. Any emergency or disaster proclaimed by the Legislature pursuant to this section terminates upon the passage by the Legislature of a resolution terminating the emergency or disaster.

The bill also has a bunch of give aways to government employees, like doubling their leave accrual limit to 60 days and allowing higher pay. Dems’ government union backers get more money, and we get a little of our freedom back, seems fair.

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