June 1, 2017

Almost 6 weeks ago, convicted serial stalker Christan Hehman was convicted of 1 misdemeanor stalking charge after Clark County Prosecutor Chad Lexis agreed to a plea bargain. Hehman was extradited from Arizona where he lived when he stalked local Las Vegas Realtor, Allison Tregor, for seven chilling years. According to Allison’s phone records, Hehman called her over 2,000 times just in the last 10 months. The calls consisted of him yelling and rambling on about killing Allison, her dad and her family. He clearly is delusional in his voice messages, falsely claiming he is the dad of Allison’s daughter.

Actual voice mail from Hehman to Allison.  


Even after Allison obtained a restraining order, Hehman continued to call her up to 20 times a day violating the restraining order.

NRS 200.575 continues with the following:

“Punishment and classification – …. : (A) aggravated stalking with threats of death or bodily harm: Class B felony – JAIL MINIMUM OF 2 YEARS OR MAXIMUM OF 15 YEARS AND FINE MAXIMUM OF $5000.00.”

Three years ago, according to Allison and court records, Hehman actually attacked her in open court and was body slammed by the court bailiff. He was sent to jail for 5 days and order to take a physic examine which he failed to do.

                                                                 (Picture source) Las Vegas Review Journal

Clark County Prosecutor Chad Lexis

The Clark County DA’s office filed 2 felony counts and extradited him to Las Vegas. Assistant DA Lexis was assigned to the case. After failing to review Hehman’s past arrest record, after failing to review Allison’s evidence, after failing to due any investigation or even speak with the Metro Detective, who according to Allison did a great job on her case, Lexis pled Hehman down to one misdemeanor and 6 weeks in jail.

Allison Tregor

In statement issued by Allison “I would like to feel safe as a law-abiding citizen of Nevada. I want to feel safe – and not look over my shoulder – to make sure I am not going to die. I want to know that my dad is not going to be murdered – my child is not going to be kidnapped and 9 year olds everywhere can rest easy that this mentally disturbed individual has been released back into the universe to come after them (all because DDA Lexis decided to offer this repeat offender another chance).

There is clear lack of interest in the details of my case – does that represent what is to be expected from the DA office? 

Furthermore… now that you have extradited him to Las Vegas… his family has cleared out his rental property in Arizona… he no longer has a home to register as a parole……you are essentially releasing this perverted and mentally ill person in my backyard with zero plan.”

I don’t feel safe and I am scared –

According to court records Hehman is scheduled to be released any day.

Rob Lauer

Political Reporter


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