June 15, 2016

The power of incumbency was clearly reflected in primary results last night with most of the incumbents winning re-election including Gov. Sandoval’s target, Brent Jones, squeaking out a victory against 4 challengers.  Incumbents had huge fundraising and name ID advantages. The majority of the incumbents who voted for the Commerce Tax didn’t mention their vote in their election mailers and websites.

However, those who did openly campaign on their vote for the commerce tax mostly lost. PK O’Neill, who ran without apology on his vote for the commerce tax in Carson City, could only garner 27% of the vote in a 4 way race, losing to Al Kramer. And Jim Marchant trounced outspoken tax supporter “former” Assemblyman Glenn Trowbridge winning over 62% of votes in a nasty, personal, down and dirty race in the 37th Assembly District. Even though the race for Senate District 6 was a state senate race, two republican members of the Assembly squared off, with anti commerce tax Assemblywoman Victoria Seaman beating Assemblyman Erv Nelson who outspent her two to one.

After a bitter primary Republican fight, the Republican Assembly Caucus now leans slightly conservative. But that could change depending on what happens in Assemblyman John Moore’s race in the fall. Right now that race is likely going to be split between John Moore, who changed parties and went to the Libertarian party, and the Republican Norm Ross, who went on to the general election without any challenger.

Many of the Republican Establishment incumbents actually failed to obtain a majority of the votes in their districts but won due to numerous challengers splitting the majority of votes.

The majority of David Gardner’s district actually voted against Gardner, who received only 803 votes, while his 2 challengers, Diana Orrock and Minddie Lloyd, split 961 votes. That was also the case for James Oscarson, who received 1,988 votes, versus his 2 opponents, Tina Trenner and Rusty Stanberry, who combined received 2,288 votes.  Oscarson still faces Bunny Ranch owner Libertarian Dennis Hof in the General election.

In a surprise upset, Mary Rooney lost to Nick Phillips even with Assemblywoman Vicky Dooling’s endorsement.

After all is said and done, Republicans find themselves still locked in a dead heat for the leadership of the party. If Republicans maintain control of the Assembly in the general election in the fall, the speakership will again be a huge battle.

The real question is can the two sides find any common ground to fight the Democrats in the upcoming general election to hold onto their majority control in the Assembly and State Senate?

Anti Tax Challenger Election Winners

Ira Hansen

Jim Marchant

Jim Wheeler

Richard MCarthur

John Ellison

Brent Jones

Shelly Shelton

Robin Titus

Christine DeCorte

Lisa Krasner

Matt williams

Al Kramer

John Moore/ Norm Ross

Establishment Republicans Election Winners

Nick Philips

Stephen Silberkraus

John Hambrick

Chris Edwards

Derek Armstrong

David Gardner

Paul Anderson

Art Ham

Mark Riggins

Keith Pickard

Melissa E. Woodbury

Jill Tolles


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