May 13, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Clark County School Pres. Irene Cepeda personally banned a parent who criticized the sex ed purposed curriculum last month at a public school board meeting during her 2 minute allotted time. Local parent and activist, Stephanie Kinsley, was met at the CCSD meeting by school police who issued her a letter banning her from the school board meeting signed personally by Irene Cepeda. Mrs. Kinsley spoke at the CCSD board meeting during her allotted 2 minutes and attacked the sex ed policy and pro abortion rhetoric from previous speakers. Only after they shut off her microphone did Kinsley accuse School Board Trustee Lola Brooks of sexual perversions.

At no time did Mrs. Kinsley make any threats of violence what so ever. And interesting to note, under this School Board leadership, (restorative juvenile justice) no student may be expelled for using foul language in class directed at other students and or teachers.

The question at hand is whether the School Board has the Constitutional authority to limit the speech of CCSD parents and the public at school board meetings within their allotted 2 minutes, outside of actual physical threats? Mrs. Kinsley simply said girls should not let boys get them pregnant in the context of the sex ed curriculum they we reviewing to vote for and previous public statements made by pro abortion advocates. Mind you the Trustees were discussing new graphic sex ed for young kids.

The speaker prior to Kinsley had a graphic lesbian message on her T shirt and was allowed to speak without any such interruption.

360 News reached out the CCSD spokesperson for an explanation of the letter.

“Please clarify why CCSD banned Stephanie Kinsley for 30 days from CCSD School Board meetings. What specific thing did she say violated what specific policy?”
The fundamental question is who owns the 2 minutes of time during public meetings? And can the public criticize elected officials personally during such meetings for policy and political disagreements?
Mrs. Kinsley’s comments that giot her banned for 30 days from CCSD meetings, like FB or Twitter do
I would like to address why a state that’s failing in school is trying to take on sex-ed – you can’t get math right, why are you trying to take on sex-ed?”
“Also,” Kinsley continued, “one of the reasons we’re having so much water missing from Nevada is we’re giving seven times the allotted amount to California, which also California is where we happen to take our kids for Disneyland, which is our school trips –”
“Disney is, we’re finding out, super creepy and weird. California allows you to have sex with kids as long as there’s a 10-year or less age difference, that that’s where we’re taking our kids? With our, our sexually-confused teachers who don’t have children of their own?”

The audience then applauded.

“I’ve been with my husband for 27 years. I’ve never had to discuss my sex life in public, because my three beautiful kids, teach your girls to not let every guy come in them, so they don’t have abortions, take control of your children,” she said.

“Don’t let everyone ejaculate in you. Control your own body so you don’t have abortions.”

“Planned Parenthood,” she said, (inaudible) “to kill minorities.”

As the board tried to stop her from continuing she demanded to know, “Why you cutting off my time?”

“You’re completely out of order,” she was told, then asked to leave the dais.

“No. No. You don’t get to control – Hey! Hey!” Kinsley shouted.

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