Aug 24, 2021

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Gov. Steve Sisolak scores a second strike on Mask Fraudsters. Last night Gov. Sisolak went maskless at the Nevada Governor’s Mansion, an official State government building. Clearly there the crowed indoor event would have required masks under Sisolak’s rules.

Sisolak issued a mask mandate for all state government buildings including public schools. No where on the emergency order is a section allowing speakers at indoor events in State government buildings to

At recent Clark County Commission meetings and School board meetings speakers were ordered to wear their masks. Even the County Commissioner and school board members wore their masks at the meetings, under Sisolak’s emergency orders:

WHEREAS, infectious disease and public health experts advised that wearing a mask or other face covering remains an important and effective measure to reduce the spread of COVID-19;

WHEREAS, on July 27, 2021, the CDC released updated guidance that all persons in counties with substantial or high transmission, whether vaccinated or not, continue to wear a mask while in indoor public spaces and crowded outdoor spaces; and

WHEREAS, on May 3, 2021, the Governor issued Emergency Directive 045, which provides, among other things, that the State of Nevada requires the wearing of masks in a manner consistent with current guidance from the CDC, including any subsequent guidance issued by the CDC; and


The City of Las Vegas was also fined $9,446 by OSHA on April 22, 2020. That was the same day Las Vegas Mayor Goodman was on CNN attacking Sisolak’s continued illegal lock downs of businesses. NV OSHA fined the City of L:as Vegas because a couple of employees were outside painting a HUMP in the street and supposedly didn’t social distance or wear masks. According the city, OSHA dropped the fine after they challenged it months later.

MASK FRAUDSTERS are Dems who impose Mask Mandates because they claim its a mater of life or death, then get caught without their masks. They’re Mask Fraudsters because if they really believed masks were a matter of life or death they would never get caught maskless off camera.

If you snap a picture of a Dem Mask Fraudster message us on our FB page for $100. 

Gov. Steve Sisolak caught not wearing his mask at a store in front of a mask sign

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