March 20, 2023

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

President Trump predicted over the weekend that the New York DA will arrest him Tuesday for his role in making an alleged $130,000 hush money payment to an adult film actress in the waning days of the 2016 election to silence her about claims she’d had an affair with him. No affair, no crime. 360 News Las Vegas has exclusive information in which, former Las Vegas Stripper, Stormy denied the affair with her close friend here in Las Vegas on Facebook Messenger. When we obtained this file, we promised the woman we would conceal her name. She was afraid for her safety.

According to reports, Stormy Daniels told New York prosecutors and the grand jury that she had sex with President Trump years earlier. Trump denies the affair and he allegedly paid her $130,000 in 2016 to keep quiet about while he was running for president. BTW, most of the time the person making a payoff is considered the blackmail victim and not the criminal. Why would Trump have paid her off if she wasn’t extorting him?

360 News Las Vegas received this Facebook message screen shot marked from Stormy Daniels’ friend,” in which Daniels allegedly denies having sex with “him” not once but twice in the same message.

The following screen shot is from source who posted her private conversation with Daniels on her Facebook page on this story feed. The woman told 360 News when asked for the interview,  I don’t want to be involved. Out of respect for the woman, we are withholding her name.

The woman gave us permission to use the screen shots in our story, and she even agreed to sit down for an interview prior to last night’s 60 minute show. That all changed today. We don’t know if someone got to her or if she just dislikes President Trump or what.

But we feel a duty to the country to publish this story and let the public judge its truthfulness and accuracy.

Outraged at Daniel’s behavior, her friend originally posted the message on her Facebook page for all to see. Her several hundred friends saw it and one passed it on to me. Daniel’s Facebook story post was then deleted.

The following private messages throws everything Stormy said into reasonable doubt.

Next is Daniel’s message to her friend. 360 News Las Vegas is posting Stormy Daniels message in its entirety so the public can judge the post for themselves. The approximate date of the message posted on Facebook was March 7, 2018.

Was she allegedly talking about President Trump? You decide.

Daniels allegedly denies having sex with “him” twice, saying:

“Oh, fuck off. I NEVER had sex with him.”

“But even if the story was true (which its not) I’m not sure how you equate sex with ……”

Stormy Daniels certainly needs to be asked under oath if she ever made these statements to her friend and, if she lied to her friend or to the New York DA. Clearly she lied.

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