February 7, 2024

On October 15, 1995, the first ever direct presidential election was held under Saddam Hussein’s regime. The election had international observers from Russia and Lebanon. Saddam still cheated by adding 7,000 ballots, according to observers, who disappeared soon after. Saddam won by 98%.

The Biden regime won the Nevada primary by almost 90% yesterday. No one with any political juice ran against Biden, even though he has only a 30% approval rating. And there are still votes to count, so his margin of victory may go up even more. But 90% is pushing Saddam Hussein numbers. Dems’ primary votes don’t matter in the end because Biden wins either way, just like Saddam. BTW, just ask RFK about the Dems’ rigged primary election system using super-delegates.

Just like in Iraq under Saddam, if you dare claim the election was rigged, you can expect a visit from the U.S. secret police. Jack Smith is actually prosecuting Trump for claiming the 2020 election was rigged.

And just like Saddam, Biden has a crazy, corrupt son doing his bidding. Just like Saddam, Biden is trying to lock up his enemies across the country.

Just like Saddam, Biden put his political enemies in Washington, D.C., gulags with the help of corrupt Dem judges jammed through the Senate by Harry Reid. Biden judges held J6 Americans for over a year in slum prisons on misdemeanor charges, in many cases, without bail. J6’s should have claimed they were illegal aliens, then they would have gotten out without bail.

And just like Saddam, Biden has his own Republican Guard. Three Republican House members blocked Mayorkas’ impeachment vote last night.

Yes, America has turned into a third-world shit-hole under the Biden Regime and the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party I mean the Democratic Party. Corruption, tyranny, the rule of law replaced with Biden’s rules, rigged elections and freedom under assault from every angle. Using the federal government, Biden spies on his enemies, forces social media companies to silence his opponents, issued more executive orders than any President in history and consolidated his power in the military using woke and vax mandates to weed out real Americans.




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