Are Governor Sandoval and His Allies So Desperate to Stop Assemblyman Brent Jones They Would Use A Troubled Girl?

May 3, 2016

Governor Sandoval’s allies took a kill shot at one of the Governor’s most vocal critics, Assemblyman Brent Jones, yesterday. Using their allies in the local media to disseminate the story, just weeks before early voting is set to start in the primary election, a lawsuit was filed against Jones’s business Real Water, using a past employee who was fired, angry over money and with a history of prescription drug problems, according to sources.

Grecia Echevarria-Hernandez, a self-described Catholic, filed a discrimination lawsuit April, 26 alleging she was forced to watch religious videos as an employee of Real Water, Jones’ business.

Bonnie Mercado, Hernandez’s direct supervisor, who was also raised Catholic said; “I would never have worked at Real Water for the past 2 years if they tried to convert me to Scientology.” Mercado works as a brand ambassador. She also supervises all other brand ambassadors and merchandisers, like Hernandez. According to Mercado, Hernandez never filed any formal or informal complaints about the videos while working there. Hernandez in fact reportedly told Mercado she enjoyed the video.

The video in question is called “The Secret,” based on a book written by Rhonda Byrne which is available in Clark County Public school libraries. According to the school library The Secret is a motivational book about overcoming life’s challenges and has nothing to do with Scientology. After being featured in two episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show, the book reached the top of The New York Times’ bestseller list, where it remained for 146 consecutive weeks. The book has been translated into 44 languages and has over 21 million copies.

According to Mercado, Hernandez was hired off Craigslist to be a merchandiser. She was required to drive around all day to different stores that Real Water products were in and make sure the product presentation was in order and making sure the store managers were aware of the product positioning in the stores. Hernandez crashed two Real Water vehicles over the 6 months she worked there. According to Mercado, she also filed false reports claiming she visited stores every day over a two week period when in fact she never visited the stores in question. Hernandez collected money for those two weeks according to her supervisor.

Following the filing of false reports, Hernandez was fired on October 9, 2015. Again, in those six months the videos in question never came up according to Mercado.

Mercado said Hernandez always talked about her money problems and even a past prescription drug problem. She was living with her mother due to money issues at the time.

According to public records, Hernandez has a judgment against her for $1,233 in favor of Capital One Bank Credit Card Company from 2014 and court records show no payments to date.

Hernandez used to work for a personal injury lawyer before working at Real Water. NEWSMAXTV LAS VEGAS is trying to verify if it’s the same lawyer representing her now in this case. Hernandez’s lawyer representing her is Maier Gutierrez Ayon.  According to public records Ayon made numerous donations to Democrats and Establishment Republicans over the years including Lucy Flores, who’s now running for congressional district 3, and past Assemblyman Majority Leader William Horne.

Finally Mercado described Hernandez this way; “She’s just someone with money issues and sees a chance to make some quick bucks.”

Brent Jones responded on the Kevin Wall show this morning saying “I’m not at all surprised that three weeks outside of an election that the Governor and his pro tax cartel are again trying to take me down. They have tried over and over but the people stand with me and I stand with them. The Governor and his Establishment politicians have betrayed the people who trusted them.  I will continue to fight for the people, small business owners, against taxes, against Common Core. It’s time we take on the Establishment head on! And I have no problem leading the charge.”

According to Jones, a recent poll has him up by almost 20 points against Sandoval’s primary candidate of choice Tiffany Jones.

With just over 3 weeks to go before early voting, this attack against Brent Jones clearly appears to be politically motivated. They don’t attack you when you’re down in the polls. The Governor and his allies clearly see Assemblyman Brent Jones as a threat in this election and are pulling out all the stops to defeat him. This is just one battle of many to come over the next 6 weeks as the Nevada GOP Civil War rages.

Rob Lauer


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