May 19, 2024

As voters consider who will lead the Clark County School District and its’ 58K teachers and staff educating some 300k children, more teachers and staff have being charged by police for sexual contact. Last year, the school district refused to raise teacher pay in order to recruit higher-quality applicants in favor of just hiring unqualified substitutes, some right out of high school. According to reports, as of February of this year, the school district had 1,316 teacher shortages.

Clark County Education Association President Marie Neisess said.

“It’s really upsetting because, when you think about it, that means that there are still over 35,000 students without a licensed educator in front of them,”

The school district has made it extremely difficult to obtain complete data on the criminal records and backgrounds of new hires. But the very public arrests of CCSD employees is alarming. From principles to teachers to bus drivers to maintenance staff, every single category has experienced arrests and charges for sexual contact so far this year.

Just this week, Clark County School District substitute teacher Nicholas Bott was arrested and charged with child abuse and illegal contact with a minor or mentally ill person. He was released on bail after his DNA was taken under court order.

In March, 61-year-old Dr. Howard Hughes of Del Webb Middle School was charged with three counts of contacting a minor for sex. The warrant shows an additional three counts for unlawful contact with a child. According to school police, he fled to Texas before they could arrest him. According to the warrant, there were five different audio recordings of the student’s interactions with Hughes. The recordings observed Hughes making inappropriate comments, including “I wish you were an adult already,” the warrant said. Men don’t just start sexually abusing kids at 61 years old.

On March 7, 2024, CCSD “Student Success Advocate” Joshua Herrera was arrested on one count of contacting a minor by a person of authority for the purposes of sex and two counts of a school employee engaging in sexual conduct with a pupil age 16 or older.

On March 21, 2024, Clark County School District counselor David Scott Curtis, 54, was arrested on a warrant issued out of St. George, Utah, on a charge of aggravated sexual abuse of a minor.

Also reported on March 21, 2024( they dumped all their sex crime cases in the press in one week), creep Haroon Zakai, 44, an employee, was arrested for “electronic surveillance at school without knowledge.”

March 20, 2024, A Clark County School District janitor, 27-year-old Devyn Hudson, was arrested by North Las Vegas police after being accused of sexual assault. Hudson was charged with sexual assault of a minor under the age of 16, attempted sexual assault of a minor under the age of 16, and lewdness with a minor under the age of 16.

In February 2024, Special Ed teacher Rima Villaret, 59, was arrested and charged with three counts of child abuse or neglect, three counts of battery on a vulnerable person, and one count of false imprisonment. While she wasn’t charged with sexual abuse, Villaret was an early childhood/special education teacher and has been employed by the district since July 2016.

Is it time we put cameras in the classrooms to closely monitor teachers and staff, just like we do with cops? Is the sexualization of our kids by progressives attracting perverts to work at CCSD? Do we need lie detectors to help weed out bad actors? Do we need to do a deep dive into new hires? Do we need to pay more to attract like better people? Did DEI contribute to this problem?



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