June 10, 2020

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Congressional Races;

District 1 Republican Primary JOYCE BENTLEY wins with 37%.

District #3 Republican Primary DAN RODIMER defeats Dan Schwartz and new comer, Mindy Robinson.

District #4 Republican Primary JIM MARCHNAT sales to victory in an eight way race with Sam Peters, Lisa Song Sutton, Rebecca Woods, Charles Navarro, Leo Blundo and Randi Reed.

State Assembly Key Races;

Assembly District #2 Republican Primary Heidi Kasama won in a 5 way race.

Assembly District #4 Republican Primary saw the return of long time Assemblyman Richard Mcarther trying into recapture his district after losing by less than 200 votes

Assembly District #10 Republican Primary Mesquite City Council woman Annie Black easily defeats political whore RINO Chris Edwards.

Assembly District #37 Republican Primary Andy Matthews defeats both former TV News reporter Michelle Mortensen and Republican activist Jacob Deaville.

Assembly District #31 Republican Primary Jill Dickman defeated RINO Sandra Linares

Assembly District #36 Republican Primary Gregory T. Haffen II defeats challenger Brian Bradley

Assembly District #40 Republican Primary RINO cockroach O’NEILL, PHILIP “PK” won his old seat back after being defeating 4 years ago after voting for the largest tax increase in Nevada’s history.

Assembly District #6 Republican Primary New comer Katie Duncan wins with 69%.

State Senate Key Races:

State Senate Republican Primary District #11 Joshua Dowden wins huge with 78%.

Byron Brooks takes 1st place with 34% UNIVERSITY BOARD OF REGENTS, DISTRICT 3 moving forward to the general election runoff.

Katie Williams takes 1st place with 26% TRUSTEE, CLARK COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT B – NP in an eight way race advancing to the general election run off.

Former Democrat Secretary of State Ross Miller won the Dem primary in the race for COUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT C facing off against Las Vegas City Councilman Stavros Anthony.


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