May 5, 2024

According to sources in the Trump campaign, Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo is actively being considered for Vice President. As the hunt continues for a vice president by the Trump campaign, Gov. Joe Lombardo checks a lot of boxes.

First, Lombardo is an Army veteran, check. Before being elected governor, he was the Clark County Sheriff. That’s a huge plus on his resume. Americans are tired of the high crime caused by Democrats’ policies. Even Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco is now running for governor of California. People desperately want law and order.

Lombardo just beat Democrat incumbent former Governor Steve Sisolak by winning over soft Dems in a must-win swing state, Check.

Governor Lombardo Remains One Of America’s Most Popular Governors,” according to poll results from the Morning Consult firm, with an approval rating of 58% and a disapproval rating of 29%. Check.

And don’t forget that Trump endorsed Lombardo, and Lombardo endorsed Trump for president. That goes far with Trump.

Lombardo is not a bomb-thrower. So he won’t overshadow or embarrass Trump. And since Trump is facing numerous criminal charges, having a sheriff on the ballot could neutralize any possible criminal convictions.

If Lombardo were tapped to be Trump’s vice president, Republican Lt. Governor Stavros Anthony, also a former police officer, is ready to step up.

As we watch the lawless Hamas Nazis chant death to Jews on college campuses, Americans are ready for some law and order. The real question now is: is former Sheriff and Republican Governor Joe Lombardo ready to step in as Vice President Joe Lombardo?

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