March 14, 2024

I’m not sure if there’s something in the courthouse water, but Republicans get elected judges and then rule like Democrats. Kind of like many of our Rep lawmakers. Judge Joe Hardy is a perfect example of this. I remember when Hardy ran for judge. He was at all the Republican functions, sounding like Judge Scalia. Now he rules like every other Democratic judge in that courthouse. I’m so tired of judges and candidates coming around every election, smiling and Bullshitting us, then ruling like Democrats. Honest judges who uphold the law are key to our republic.

Unfortunately, Judge Joe Hardy had repeatedly betrayed his oath and the people who elected him. Four years ago, Judge Hardy presided over a 2020 election fraud case. The case involved a race for the Nevada State Senate. Out of some 67,000 votes cast, the margin of victory was just 600 votes. The Democrat was down on election night, only to overcome that deficit and win several days after the election. There were legitimate issues and facts raised in the lawsuit by the Republican State Senate candidate. For example, several precincts had well over 100% voter turnout. In some cases, 150% of registered voters voted in the several precincts. Joe Gloria, the Clark County Elections Director, turned down the signature verification computer reader systems illegally.

Republicans actually canvassed the district, finding 57 votes cast by folks who moved away from the homes where the mail-in ballots were sent. But the current residents claimed in sworn statements that they never received the mail-in ballots for the prior residents. So how did those ballots get counted? But Judge Joe Hardy dismissed the lawsuit and refused to allow any discovery to be conducted.

Fast forward to this week, and (R) Judge Joe Hardy screwed Republicans once again. A couple of Nevada slip and fall lawyers sued The Gun Maker Smith and Wesson here in Clark County District Court for damages on behalf of nuns. And our favorite fake Republican, Judge Joe Hardy, acknowledged on the record that the case violates federal law against suing gun makers but refused to dismiss the case. The plaintiffs even made it clear they were aware of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). The federal law blocks victims from suing gun makers. The PLCAA protects the 2nd Amendment. Lawsuits like these would bankrupt the gun industry if allowed to proceed. But Judge Joe Hardy is allowing the lawsuit to proceed anyway.

Judge Joe Hardy dismissed the 2020 voter fraud case with substantial facts to support it and now refuses to dismiss a lawsuit against gun makers under federal law. Keep this in mind the next time you vote for judges. Judges are nothing more than lawyers with black robes.


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