March 26, 2023

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

This week, Republican Speaker of the House Congressman Kevin McCarthy kept his promise to bring to the floor a Parents Bill of Rights bill. The bill was passed in response to the avalanche of Dem school boards across the country implementing vax mandates, failing to protect our kids from violence on campuses due to restorative justice agendas, trans agendas, dumbing down our kids education, and pushing their radical, perv pro gay agenda.

Right here in Clark County, CCSD banned conservative moms from meetings for publicly disagreeing with their radical trans and gay policies and pro-abortion agendas. But the school board allowed crazy radicals to openly attack parents and family rights, pushing trans bathrooms and allowing boys to play in girls sports.

Our very own Dem members of Congress, Susie Lee and Dina Titus, voted against the Parents bill of Rights.

Dems claimed the bill is an attack on LGBQI students, but Republicans fired back:

Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., who chairs the Committee on Education & the Workforce said

“The bill does not address a student’s identity or statements, but is solely focused on notifying parents about actions taken by school personnel to act on a gender transition, such as changing pronouns or switching locker rooms,” 

The bill says parents have

“the right to know if a school employee or contractor acts to… change a minor child’s gender markers, pronouns, or preferred name; or… allow a child to change the child’s sex-based accommodations, including locker rooms or bathrooms.”

The bill HR5’s stated purpose as written states:

“To ensure the rights of parents are honored and protected in the Nation’s public schools.”

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