March 17, 2024

Last month, the “Repair the Vote” political action committee defeated a legal challenge, clearing the way for the group to now gather signatures and hopefully put it on the ballot this November. The “Repair the Vote” political action committee, led by Dave Gibbs, filed a constitutional ballot initiative requiring voters to show a picture ID when voting in person.

Now that it has been cleared to proceed, they need money and firepower to gather the 102,362 valid signatures by June 26, 2024, to qualify for the November 2024 election. Which means they need to raise money fast to help gather signatures and then prepare to fight Dem TV ads.

According to Dave Gibbs, Gov. Lombardo is now ready to throw his support behind the voter ID initiative and officially endorse it.

They have a crucial meeting coming up this week. Lombardo ran on fixing our broken election system. Voter ID is widely popular, with voters, according to numerous polls, winning by 78%.

Don’t listen to the lies claiming voter ID will reduce voter turnout. Georgia’s voter ID laws, the Election Integrity Act, originally known as Georgia Senate Bill 202, passed in 2021. Voter turnout was up by 168% over the previous gubernatorial primary in 2018 and up 212% from the previous presidential primary in 2020, when President Trump was on the ballot, according to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, after the voter ID law was passed.

Georgia’s huge success with voter ID once again proves just how truly racist Democrats are when they claim minorities are too dumb to get an ID in order to vote.

If you want to donate or help gather signatures clink on the link. 

Website link for Voter ID Ballot Initiative —>  Repair The Vote


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