March 5, 2024

If you were an alien that came to the U.S. and saw our species arguing over what is and is not a man or woman, first you would think we’re insane. Second you would think the transgender agenda is an organic policy debate between progressives and normal Americans.

Again, we have Peter Schweizer’s new book, BLOOD MONEY to thank for exposing the truth and making sense of so much of what is going on today. As Peter Schweizer states, China is waging a covert war to destabilize America with the direct help of our bribed leaders. Through open borders, rampant crime, fentanyl flooding our streets that’s killing 100K Americans a year, and the trans movement are all meant to destroy young men and destroy the American family,.

Peter Schweizer writes in Chapter 6, “Destabilizing Democracy,” Schweizer exposes how two billionaires, China-based American Neville Roy Singham and Alibaba co-founder Joseph Tsai, are funding radical activist groups using “transgenderism” as a weapon against the “capitalist order.”

Commie Billionaire #1

Singham made his fortune by “creating a software business named Thoughtworks, while also serving as a “strategic technical consultant” for Huawei, the Chinese military-linked tech company.”

Schweizer goes on to describe Singham as a communist who joined the League of Revolutionary Black Workers (LRBW) when he was a young man. Singham moved back to China, where he ended up selling the company in 2017 for a fortune. Since then, he has been dumping millions into pro-Chinese Communist causes. Schweizer writes that Singham also funded efforts to push the LGBTQ movement further into the American public debate via an event titled “Becoming Numerous: Legacies of Queer and Trans Rebellion.”

Commie Billionaire #2

Well known the world over, Jospeh Tsai, co-founder of Alibaba (essentially a state-controlled entity in China), has “poured millions of dollars into trans causes and research in the United States,” Schweizer writes.

“One of the initiatives is the Wu Tsai Female Athlete Program at Boston Children’s Hospital, which serves as a Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance ‘innovation hub.’ The Female Athlete Program’s definition of female ‘includes transgender females as well as those assigned female at birth.’ The director of the Female Athlete Program, Dr. Kathryn Ackerman, is a proponent of transgender athlete inclusion,” according to Blood Money.

Boston Children’s Hospital is famous for its first-of-a-kind Center for Gender Surgery “that performs mastectomies on teenagers as young as 15, as well as the since-deleted wording on the hospital’s website that claimed teens as young as 17 can get vaginoplasties.”

“One of the hospital staffer’s controversial claims is that ‘a good portion of children do know [their gender identity] as early as seemingly from the womb,”‘ he writes.

Schweizer Concludes:

“What is especially interesting about both billionaires and the pro-Beijing groups pushing the trans agenda in the U.S. is that “they don’t push them in China.” 

Schweizer has exposed an ocean of Chinese money flowing into the U.S., directed and purposefully driven by Chinese military intelligence to destroy the American people over time. And politicians like Joe Biden and Gavin Newson are all on board, according to the money trail. But don’t forget about the RINO Republicans that are also complicit in our destruction.


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