November 21, 2018

Nevada Governor-Elect Steve Sisolak announced this week he is seeking to rename McCarren International Airport after Senator Harry Reid and the Reno Airport after former Governor and U.S. Senator Paul Laxalt. The Democrats tried this last session and it failed miserable after the cost to do so was discovered to be over $1 million.


March 15, 2017 Article

This week the Nevada State Senate will hold hearings on Friday at 1pm at the Grant Sawyer Building to hear from the public regarding changing the name of McCarren Airport to Harry Reid Airport. But it seems one person the Senate hasn’t spoken to is any Officials at McCarren Airport. The airport has thousands of signs throughout the terminals, parking garages, outside street signs and many more which would all need to be changed.

According to McCarren Airport Spokesperson Christine Crews “There was a proposal to change the name of Las Vegas Airport a few years ago and the study then determined it would cost over a million dollars.” But when called the author of the bill, State Senator Tick Segerblom, to ask who would be paying the estimated 1 million dollars, there was no return call. The bill’s (SB174) fiscal note passes the million dollar bill onto Clark County taxpayers to pay.

According to travel industry experts, changing McCarren Airport’s official name could cost the industry many millions more including things like changing websites, advertising literature, airline documents ect.

In addition, changing the airport name will cost state agencies and federal government millions more including agencies like the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the FAA, TSA, Homeland Security, the Commerce Department ect. Overseas travel agents would also have to make the changeover costing even more, according to experts we spoke with.

Ironically, the Federal Airports Act of 1945, authored by Sen. Pat McCarren himself, may end up blocking the name change, since Congress will have to approve any such change costing federal dollars.

Rob Lauer

Political Reporter