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December 10, 2018

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Less than two months after the Republican nominee for Nevada State Assembly District 36, Dennis Hof, died suddenly County Officials replace Hof with Oscarson supporter Gregory Hafen II. Hof defeated the RINO Republican sitting Assemblyman, James Oscarson, in a nasty June primary in which a Federal Judge had to intervene to protect Dennis Hof’s signs from being stolen by Nye County the night before the election.

Dennis Hof’s right hand guy and Nye County Republican Chairman, Joe Burdzinski, had the full support of Hof’s organization pushing for him to replace Hof after Hof suddenly and suspiciously died on Oct. 16, 2018. BTW no toxicology report has been released to date by the Clark County Coroner’s office. Even though Hof died before the November 6th general election, his name remained on the ballot and he won with 69% of the vote.

Hof challenged and defeated James Oscarson in a nasty June primary after Oscarson was excommunicated from the Nye County Republican Party for breaking his no new tax pledge and voting for Gov. Sandoval’s historic tax increase of $1.3 Billion back in 2015. Nye County offices tried to steal Hof’s campaign signs the weekend before the election and a Federal Judge ordered them returned on a Saturday night. Nye County then tried to shut down Hof’s Love Ranch Brothel only for that same Federal Judge ordered it reopened days later.

The night before Hof died suddenly, he held a huge fundraiser where he threatened to sue those same officials for slander and a host of other violations of his civil rights.

Water and well permits became a hotly contested issue in Nye County and Hof was against any new regulations that stopped people from using their water rights.

So it’s even more disturbing that Nye, Clark and Lincoln County Commissioners voted Friday to confirm Gregory T. Hafen II, a local water company general manager, to take over Dennis Hof’s Assembly Seat. Hafen is related to the historically powerful Nevada Hafen family and is chairman of the Pahrump Regional Planning Commission and Pahrump Capital Improvement Advisory Committee. 





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