February 23, 2018

In 2016, the U.S. Senator from Northern Nevada, Dean Heller, made his opposition very vocal for then Candidate Trump. Republicans who elected Sen. Heller, as well as Trump supporters new to the Republican Party, were upset with Heller giving rise to groups like “Give Heller the Boot,” and “Anyone but Heller”. There are also a large number of Northern Nevadan’s who reached out to U.S. Congressman Mark Amodei asking him to repeal and replace Heller.

Now that things have calmed down, a high number of Northern Nevada Republicans seem to be wanting to give Heller another chance. What has changed? Let’s take a look at a few things:

During the State of the Union, President Trump recognized Heller’s efforts. We elected a President who is a genius level businessman with an amazing talent to engage people and motivate them towards achieving big goals. POTUS has set the tone of a Regan era like climate in DC, and it is apparent that Heller has been inspired.  It was not anticipated that Heller would vote in alignment with our President’s agenda, but his voting record has him at a surprising 90%. Congress-Trump-Score

Conservatives want to hear the truth, even when it’s ugly, which is why we have a President who tweets unfiltered. Unfortunately, Heller’s opposition, Danny Tarkanian, has been presenting himself as someone who was solidly for Trump from the beginning instead of acknowledging that he and his wife supported and promoted other candidates including Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul.  By misrepresenting himself, Danny lost a large number of votes before he had a chance to earn them.  And these are votes from Republicans in the North who are heavily active in the party, the voters who are expected to actually turn out and cast ballots in the primary election.

Despite having a portion of freeway in Las Vegas named after his family, Danny Tarkanian is NOT a household name in Northern Nevada, and those who are familiar do not view him as a “winner.” We are living in an exciting time where President Trump has shown Republicans and all Americans that we can win at big things and winning can become a routine thing. Unfortunately for Danny, he is running on an election record of 5 loses and 0 wins, resulting in fear that if Danny Tarkanian wins the primary, a Democrat will take the general.  Over the years, he has spent millions of donor money that could have gone towards support for stronger candidates.  If Danny were a more humble a man, he could have started off his political career by running for lower local office, like State Assembly or City Council. This would have given him years of positive history serving the people of Nevada, likely putting him at the U.S. Senate level by now.

A number of prominent Northern Nevada conservatives, including elected officials, who represent areas red on the political map, recognize Heller’s public service and have endorsed him. To name just a few: State Senator James Settlemeyer, State Assemblyman Al Kramer, and State Assemblyman Jim Wheeler who is also the Assembly minority leader.

Over the weekend, I was invited to a small house party, a meet and greet opportunity to speak one on one with U.S. Senator Dean Heller. Instead of giving a long-winded speech, he spent the majority of time taking answering questions which showed the crowd he wants to re-earn their votes and does not simply expect them. I asked about his current relationship with President Trump and if he supports our President’s agenda.  Heller’s response, “After the (general) election, I decided, ‘It’s time to work for the country.  It’s not what’s for or against Trump, but what’s good for America.”

Heller offered printed materials and said he “Welcomes the White House Push to Upgrade Infrastructure.” Read more here Heller_PressRelease

Concerns were raised over our $21 Trillion debt. Heller explained “You can’t raise taxes enough to overcome debt. You can’t cut spending enough. The only way to overcome our debt is through growth.”  Constituents in attendance were in agreement that Heller’s answer is a firm indication that he supports our pro-business President. U.S. Senator Heller stated that Vice President Mike Pence has endorsed him, and an endorsement from President Trump is expected to come. Side note: It is looking like Vice President Mike Pence might participate in this year’s Nevada Day Parade as a guest of U.S. Senator Dean Heller. Back to the debt: Heller listed the top three employers in the world as 3.) the Chinese Army, 2.) Wal-Mart, and 1.) the United States Department of Defense. Heller said, “The DOD has not been fully funded in 10 years (because) Dems want Dollar for Dollar domestic spending.” This is where growth in our economy comes in.

Healthcare and “getting rid of Obamacare” was another hot topic at the intimate gathering. Heller explained his part in the Graham Cassidy Heller Johnson Bill to Replace the Affordable Care Act and how it “Gives responsibility to the states.” Trump wanted this bill to pass last year and it was U.S. Senator John McCain who gave the thumbs down when he was the final vote needed. Despite left-leaning publications indicating this effort is dead, it is still very much alive. Heller also brought up a troubling issue they are working with: 3 states get over 40% of Medicaid dollars while the remaining amount is distributed to the rest of the states. This is an unfair balance that Heller is working to fix. And finally, Heller addressed the hotly debated healthcare issue over delicate life, abortion. Readers might be interested to know the National Right to Life has endorsed Dean Heller for US Senate. Heller_National Right to Life Endorsement

To help alleviate the current gridlock in Washington DC, Heller has proposed the following:

– Mandatory weekend work schedule for the Senate or change the 30-hour rule for debate. (Currently, Dems are running out the 30-hour clock on every issue, slow walking things.)

– Get rid of the 60 vote threshold and change it to 51. (Despite having the majority, Republicans are still depending on votes from Democrats to reach the required number need to pass laws.)

I spoke with one of the people who attended the meet and greet with Sen. Heller, 34-year military veteran, Ricky Miller. Ricky hosts Military Matters radio show and is Chairman of the Board of America Matters Media – Reno. Miller said “I found him (U.S. Senator Dean Heller) to be very engaged in the current political arena and he seems well versed in the community he serves in the state of Nevada. I realize he is running…as the only Republican senator from Northern NV, and he believes in most of the central tenants of Republicans, (and) small government is best served when individual and businesses are allowed to follow their own beliefs and choices. Social issues are also a(n) individual choice and should not be trampled except in extreme areas of the society’s greater good. School choice, 1st and 2nd Amendments Rights and the right to life, liberty, and happiness. I feel these are good examples of where Senator Heller is currently grounded. “

Please tune in to Military Matters today, February 20th, 2018 at 11 am on 1180 AM, KCKQ, Lotus Radio, and WORLDWIDE on http://www.AmericaMatters.us   as I join Ricky Miller with more in-depth discussion on this race for US Senate.

Theresa Catalani is a contributor to 360daily.net, a former talk radio host, member of the Nevada Legislative press, two time Nevada GOP staffer, former 1st Vice President of the Carson Republican women, and she was one of the first people on staff with Donald J. Trump for President Inc.

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